Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 47

Trisha’s last message is passed on and Ed’s group faces off against Pride and Gluttony.


I’m sure it was a shocking day for Ed in general. Of course hearing about his father’s past had to be mind blowing in general. But I think the biggest shock was seeing the reaction to his mother’s last words. I don’t think Ed really thought that Hohenheim loved Trisha. He may have gone away for a long time, but he loved Trisha deeply. I’m sure it was a hard hit to hear that those were her last words. Certainly fitting last words for someone like her who was more bothered about not being able to keep a promise than the fact she was dying.

I’m a bit surprised with Grumman. Guess I thought he would be acting to support Mustang. But guess he just like anyone else is focused on his own power. Grumman wants to be on top of the country just like Mustang and Olivier. Suppose it makes sense he wants power, but just felt it was a surprise to see that side. Still I think this is a bad sign. The lives of everyone in the country are on the line and yet everyone is pulling political moves. I understand planning for after the conflict is key, but being fractured like this gives an advantage to Father’s group. There is no chance that Wrath is dead so Grumman heading out there is extremely dangerous. That old guy seems more cunning than a fighter.

Anyways things are pretty dangerous right now. Of course everyone expected dangerous battles since the promised day has just about arrived. Still this is a far more dangerous situation than the one Scar’s group dealt with against Envy. They are fighting Pride and Gluttony who are extremely dangerous. In the light Pride is almost unstoppable and Gluttony has some very powerful moves. They have to hope that Hohenheim will show up soon to back them up. Lion King will be in big trouble if he doesn’t get some help. Though you’d think it wouldn’t take very long to kill a kid shaped container that can’t fight back. Also I have to say that first look when Pride’s eyes appeared on Al was damn creepy.

The return of Ran Fan is great news! You knew she would have to play a part in these events. Thought that part of the reason they had the time skip was to give her reasonable time to get her automail. That kind of thing doesn’t happen in a few days after all. She’s more dangerous than ever using her speed to completely own Gluttony. He can’t even react fast enough before she cuts him up again. Ling was doing pretty well and this was just a case where Greed’s powers aren’t as effective. This might also be a case of an enemy getting downgraded when joining the good guys. Still Ling and Greed really do make a good team. I’m starting to think they will keep this arrangement.

Now that the buildup is over things are getting very exciting. It’s a major concern that Al hasn’t made a sound. It seems he is still unconscious which isn’t good at all. He is running out of time rapidly and they have got to hurry. Anyways I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series. The Promised Day is upon us and things will only get more exciting.

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  1. Grumman ain’t a saint. The guy is an old fox, and he has his own ambitions just like Mustang and Olivier. Although since Grumman hasn’t made a move yet, he’ll have trouble moving enough troops Central to make it for the promised day.

    Ran Fan’s return ruled. It was just once of those scenes in the manga that begs to animated, and Bones did an excellent job.

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