Final Fantasy XIII Midnight Arrival

Well, I just thought I would make this quick post, as I’ve just come back from the midnight release of Final Fantasy XIII. I’ll soon start playing it here but wanted to post some pictures here real quick.

I’m looking forward to playing the game a lot, I know the game has gotten a lot of criticism for being linear and story heavy but I don’t care if its linear and the story is probably what I’m looking forward to the most, so…I don’t care, I’m going to love it. Anyways, here are the rest of the pictures.

A shot of the game itself:

And inside the box:

I decided to pick up the collectors edition guide, even though I don’t plan on really using the guide, I thought having hte collectors edition would be nice, and it does seem to be a great quality book:

Something written on the back of the guide in some weird symbols:

Everything together:

Mashiro is ready to play:

One thought on “Final Fantasy XIII Midnight Arrival”

  1. Wow we were completely on the same page here. Also went to the midnight release and picked up the collector’s guide while I was there. Probably won’t actually use the guide either, but thought it was too cool to pass up. Getting one of the 210,000 made. Nice that they actually put in the book which number out of that you got.

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