To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 22

The investigation continues and Mikoto meets with Kiyama again.


Well I suppose that’s a convenient power of Uiharus depending on the situation. I mean hot chocolate would never lose its perfect temperature after all, haha. Honestly it’s not the worst possible power that I’ve ever heard of. Really in certain situations it could be pretty handy. The truth is that Uiharu hasn’t told anyone because everyone would then have her hold their food and drinks while they went to do something. Imagine having a human thermos around?

Anyways this episode moved the plot forward and actually surprised me. I didn’t think Kiyama was actually causing the poltergeist incidents. It makes sense that when waking the children Haruue would be contacted thanks to her bond to Banri. That bond focused the poltergeist and that’s why it was following Haruue around. At least it answers how these incidents are happening.

Now I’m kind of confused about Telestina. I really thought she was causing so much of what was going on. Obviously the woman is evil so we can’t just turn our backs to her. Maybe the truth is that she was tracking this incident because she wanted to carry on the legacy of the experiment. She has seen the incredible damage that the poltergeist attacks can create. Now she has the children and can start experimenting herself. There is no chance this woman cares about helping those kids.

I’m feeling mixed about Mikoto. I understand she doesn’t like Kiyama’s methods. I hated her methods during the level upper incident so I’m no fan of hers. But I’m kind of surprised she thought Kiyama would intentionally use the children to cause damage. She saw the woman’s memories and should know that those kids are everything to Kiyama. In reality she’d doom just about anyone else for those kids. Now I agree she shouldn’t be allowed to just forcibly wake them up since it could cause a horrific disaster. Still she was jumping in ready to attack at every instance and brought that security system to life. But suppose Mikoto runs off emotions and leaps first. Besides she doesn’t know that Telestina is the bad guy here.

Uiharu is really creating a tough situation. I understand she cares about Haruue and sees herself in the girl. But really did she think they were accusing children in comas of intentionally causing poltergeist incidents? Kuroko is just following the evidence. If Uiharu doesn’t want to be in a difficult position like that then maybe she shouldn’t be in Judgment. Of course this is why in reality you shouldn’t be investigating cases you are directly connected to. I can understand her feelings, but was also agreeing with Saten’s outburst. There is a limit to how immature she can be about this.

They managed to fit in some fanservice again with Mikoto and Kuroko.

Anyways it’s clear that a major incident is going to come from this. You can’t have watched the OP and not know it’s going to get crazy. I’m looking forward to seeing what exactly happens.

3 thoughts on “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 22”

  1. Hot chocolate is best served hot… don’t know if Uiharu’s level 1 powers can keep it above “warm”.

    Uiharu is being stubborn once again, but the good thing about this ep is that the part with Kiyama draws attention away from the Uiharu-Kuroko conflict.

  2. I hope Mikoto actually has some backing thoughts behind her decision to stop Kiyama. I thought she was right to tell Kiyama to quit forcing the children to wake up because that could potentially wreck the city due to another large scale poltergeist but I’m wishing she still harbors a nagging feeling about the whole situation not seeming right. Telestina could have used Mikoto as a guide to lead her to Kiyama’s hideout so Mikoto should at least be a little more instinctive and suspicious regarding how exploitative Telestina can be. Perhaps she should have vouched for Kiyama to be permitted to work with Telestina seeing how Kiyama was involved in the AIM Overload Experiment firsthand and that she genuinely wants to save the children.

  3. @TJ
    Well I guess with Uiharu it depends if she can handle holding hot chocolate. I’m just going to say she should deliver pizza. Really she’d be the star of the delivery business.

    I really felt mixed about Mikoto’s actions. I mean yes she doesn’t know that Telestina was dangerous. Still you make a good point that using Mikoto to find them should at least make Mikoto somewhat uneasy. I guess her anti-Kiyama stance made it hard to see anything else. Right from the start she suspected Kiyama and it only got worse when her suspicions were actually confirmed. Kiyama really has to be regretting that line about feeling free to stop her again. Mikoto took that pretty seriously. Asking for Kiyama to be allowed to help wouldn’t have been bad. I mean she should know better than anyone how much Kiyama wants to save those kids. Maybe she feels it’s safer to keep her out of it since she might do something dangerous.

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