Ookami Kakushi – 09

Nemuru tries to resist the temptation and Kasai takes a drastic step.


I have to admit Hiroshi is perfect for a horror film. His nightmares are gold. Probably has to do with the whole situation or he just seriously has issues with aggressive women. But damn that guy is naive. The rules may be harsh, but that doesn’t mean they are wrong. It’s like saying predators having to kill to survive is wrong. It’s just how the Jouga Wolves work based on their biology. Sure they have reason, but reason and instinct in this case are clashing. I just hope the fact that it worked out with Nemuru isn’t going to make him arrogant about this thinking being absolutely correct. Not everyone has such strong will. Isuzu’s feelings and Nemuru’s determination are things that aren’t prevalent in everyone. Like regular people they have exceptional people and those who commonly can’t fight off temptation.

On the positive at least Hiroshi and his family are no longer completely uninformed about the situation. Their greatest weakness was not having a clue about what is going on around them. While Hiroshi might not like the rules at least he understands why this happened. Good on Kaname to tell Hiroshi’s father what is going on since that knowledge needed to be put into good use.

Damn Kasai is one hell of a bastard. Luckily Kasai is also a pretty careless person. He speaks so openly about Nemuru’s situation and then doesn’t even make sure the person he’s poisoned is dead. I can understand he wants to protect his people, but he has crossed a line. If you don’t care about rules then there is no point in them. He’s made it so anyone can do whatever they like long as they feel it’s justified. Kasai has decided to simply kill the temptation and kill those who stand in his way. I guess it shows that caring too much about a cause can blind you. A tragic death for Nemuru’s uncle, but at least he managed to accomplish something before his death.

I appreciate Nemuru explaining everything for us. It took some time and some wrong theories on my part, but I got some things correct. Hiroshi is a rarity and that’s why he got much more attention than his father or Mana. The answer being that his pheromones are too strong and make it hard for the Jouga Wolves to control themselves. The hunter is a role passed through Nemuru’s family and is pretty necessary to keep control. Fear is a pretty good motivator for many. Rather than a disease it’s just biology. The Jouga Wolves evolved with human intelligence, but still have a very strong urge that reason can’t easily control. There are still some questions like what exactly happens biologically to those who are kissed. Still this was a pretty good episode for answering questions and confirming or denying theories.

Also a huge positive is that Isuzu is awake. It seems she was just resting in the center. I guess almost losing control put a huge strain on her physically. Plus she probably needed some medical treatment to bring her system back to normal. Hopefully we’ll see more of her in the next episode.

2 thoughts on “Ookami Kakushi – 09”

  1. You really are third rate, culprit san…

    The coffee could have easily contained a mystery drug called Purupurupikopuyo. When Lambdadelta makes fun at Battler in Umineko Ep5 there are some things she mentions that are apparently impossible to happen in Umineko. Namely mysterious organization named Yamainu, a mysterious virus, and the mysterious drug Purupurupikopuyo.

    Now we all know that BOTH Yamainu and the virus EXIST in another of Ryukishi’s works, so it’s just common sense that Purupurupikopuyo also exists somewhere. Since the only Ryukishi07’s work we know besides When They Cry series is Ookami Kakushi, it is obviously here that this mystery drug EXISTS. AND it just happens that this series spends a lot of time showing people involved with the drug industry (Pharma-dude, for an example).

    Also the Knox rule that doesn’t allow for mystery drugs exist does NOT apply here because the existance of suspicious drugs has been shown / foreshadowed from the beginning of this series.

    Just from this much it was already possible for me to conclude the existance of a mystery drug named Purupurupikopuyo in this series. So what do you think, everyone?

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