Ookami Kakushi – 08

Nemuru is stripped of her position and Sakaki makes his move.


This episode had a ton of things going on and gave a lot of answers. Still the biggest thing it did was give some much needed character development to Nemuru. We could see she was bothered by what she had to do and was kind enough to let Isuzu live, but otherwise there was a lot about her in mystery. It’s still clear she is a kind person that wants to limit the amount of blood spilt. She let Isuzu go since what Isuzu said got to her. There was probably serious guilt about taking away the girl’s brother which pushed her toward that point. Sadly some of the accusations thrown at her by that one jerk was pretty accurate. Her personal feelings are getting into her role. Still she is doing some good things so I don’t think the fact her position is being attacked is justified. Nemuru just doesn’t think going after people like Hiroshi who don’t know what’s going on and aren’t acting maliciously is justified. Besides she is just tired of killing classmates and people she knows.

I think the way Kaname was handled was appropriate. Maybe it was a bit lenient, but just looking into things shouldn’t mean death or being locked up forever. Though there was something unsettling about her just sitting there in her room after. Makes you wonder if there is more to her digging into this than it appears. Either way I agree with Nemuru that letting her go at that time isn’t a bad thing. Besides Kaname has gotten a warning and if she is foolish enough to keep digging there won’t be any saving her next time.

Sakaki is a key part of things though. His revenge has really just taken over his life completely. Not to mention Sakaki’s mental state is hardly stable. Seeing what happened to Kaori’s place he just lost it. It seems he used that fake that research position in order to get information about the “monsters” he despises so much. I’m amazed he could keep his composure when getting that data. No offence to Nemuru’s uncle, but if you have to ask someone if you can trust them it’s a bad sign. Who is going to say that you can’t trust them? Not sure if he plans on leaking that information to expose them or use it to destroy them. Clearly he doesn’t care about Hiroshi who doesn’t share his viewpoint. Hiroshi is just confused and running around in circles. Seems he’s just using Hiroshi as an experiment to see what happens when someone like Nemuru loses her control.

This brings us to another question with Kaori. Her position was at least clarified some more in this. It would appear she is a pretty special existence in that place. I’m not sure what the significance of being the white wolf is. At this point I’m not sure whether she is actually different or if it’s a position bestowed on someone. Either way it hardly seemed positive when she was taken away like that. We could already tell her body was having problems. I keep getting the feeling she is being taken off to be sacrificed somehow. Hate to be dragged into feeling like Sakaki, but really I can’t figure out what else that was about. Kaori wasn’t happy about having to go and simply seemed like she had accepted her fate.

Not sure what is going to happen now. It seems like Hiroshi is again in a position like he was in with Isuzu. I wonder if Nemuru actually has any feelings for Hiroshi or if she is acting because he isn’t intentionally causing harm. Either way it was close for Isuzu to resist and I’m not sure if Nemuru will be able to do the same thing.

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  1. I agree with you on Kaname’s reprimand: totally appropriate. Though it doesn’t seem like she’s about to stop her research. She’ll probably be more careful to say the least though because with Nemuru losing her authority in the clan, there really won’t be anyone to save her if she gets caught.

    I personally don’t think Nemuru has romantic feelings for Hiroshi so it’ll be interesting to see what happens next week. I think Isuzu was able to stop herself BECAUSE she had real feelings for Hiroshi. She cared about him, and in the end, she couldn’t bring herself to change him, nor to share something so deep about herself with someone who didn’t reciprocate her feelings.

    Don’t know how Nemuru will handle the Temptation…!

  2. @blindability
    Yeah somehow I can’t see Kaname sitting idly for the rest of the series. I just want to know why she is so obsessed with this. It seems more than just curiosity that is driving her.

    You are probably right about Nemuru. I just wonder why she is so determined to protect him. She broke her house arrest to try and save him. Is it just because she doesn’t want innocents to die? Is she trying to repay Isuzu by protecting Hiroshi? She killed Isuzu’s brother and that helped push her over the edge so she might be trying to take responsibility. Yeah it was most likely Isuzu’s true feelings that let her hold back. Unlike the others driven by instinct her strong feelings gave her enough power to resist doing something she’d regret. Not sure what will happen with Nemuru. Previews can be pretty misleading so we’ll have to wait and see.

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