Inuyasha – Final Act – 21

Everyone heads inside of Naraku’s body to find the completed Shikon Jewel.


I really am quite impressed with this episode. This really does seem like the absolute final fight they are in now, and it should because at the moment they seemed pretty screwed. They are inside of Narkau’s body where he can control pretty much everything, they can’t do any real damage e to him even if they wanted to because they don’t want to hurt Rin, and Naraku has the super mega ultra powerful Jewel they’ve spent hundreds of episodes trying to stop him from having. It certainly doesn’t look too good for them, which is why it’s good. The desperation they are in makes it far more interesting. I was actually really curious as to what the hell they were going to do and was quite drawn into the show now, so I’m hoping they don’t let go of that feeling in the rest of the episodes for the final fight, because so far I’m impressed.

It really seems that right now their only option would to first kill Magahatsuhi. They’ve had this thing all along where Naraku can’t really be defeated by brute force; they need some kind of spiritual power to do it. With Kikyou gone, that falls on Kagome and until Magahatsuhi is dead, that can’t really happen. So pretty much they can’t really do anything other than wait around for Sesshomaru to stop standing around and do something. Once Sesshomaru kills Magahatsuhi, then maybe they stand a chance of defeating Naraku, but until them they are kind of relying on him, which is interesting. At least they don’t have Sesshomaru useless sin the final fight.

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  1. I like the fact that Sesshomaru is so key to this battle. He is the only one that can unseal Kagome’s spiritual powers through killing Magatsuhi.Have to appreciate the fact he was the first to jump in with no hesitation since Rin was in there. The fact Sesshomaru and the others can’t use their best attacks is why Naraku is so confident to take such a huge form to begin with. Still with Magatsuhi hiding around in bodies it’ll be tough to eliminate him. Anyways it’s nice that an old adversary like Sesshomaru is part of the final solution. He hasn’t joined the group, but is simply cooperating for the sake of killing Naraku.

    It’s taken hundreds of episodes but we have finally reached the final battle. So they don’t have to hold anything back in terms of desperate situations. Should be fun to watch.

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