My Trip To Anime Convention Naka Kon – Lots Of Merchandise

Hello everyone, it’s me Xeby! Last week Xebek and I went to an anime convention and I wanted to tell everyone about it, and show some of the stuff I made Xebek buy for me.

This post is coming a bit late, as it was a week ago that we went, but I felt I should share this with everyone still. It was a lot of fun. I wasn’t able to take too many pictures, as I was too busy with the convention itself. There were a lot of cosplayers, my two favorite being a Marisa and Reimu cosplayer, as I hadn’t really expected many people to even know what Touhou was. I also saw some Shugo Chara cosplayers, which was very cool to see as it’s a relatively obscure anime for a convention this size, even though the convention was still big. There were even four of them, an Amu, Spade, Heart, and Su cosplayers. There were a lot of other really impressive cosplayers but those were some that stood out because of how much I liked the series and it being rare to see.

I did buy plenty of stuff, but was able to control myself, as less than 6 months ago I went to another convention that a good amount of my money went to. Still, I found some very nice stuff that I like quite a bit, which I’ll show here.

Quick shot of everything I got. Not too much, but the stuff I did get I thought was a lot of fun.

Here are the plushies I got. It’s a full set of the Key girls that was released with the 10th anniversary deal they had a bit ago. I bought the big box set for the anniversary, but there were several other items that were released, and this set of plushies was one of them. It was pretty cheap considering its rarity I thought, and very cute.

Some shots of them individually:

Here I have the two art books I bought, a Shugo Chara one and Toradora. I loved both series and hadn’t seen many art books for either, so decided to grab them. The Shugo Chara art book had a removable cover that turns into a poster, which I also feature:

Finally, a desk mat of Kud from Little Busters. I love Kud and hadn’t really seen a mat like this before so thought it would be interesting to have.

4 thoughts on “My Trip To Anime Convention Naka Kon – Lots Of Merchandise”

  1. Noka-Kon was a lot of fun. I spent the entire Saturday there and had a blast! You are correct about the cosplayers Xebek. I believe more people cosplayed this year than last, and there were some truely amazing ones this year. Can’t wait for next! BTW – Did you see the advertisement for Motaku in the booklet they handed out (it’s towards the back)? I plan on checking that one out as well.

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