My First Dollfie Dream – Mito Mashiro

Not too long ago for some reason I just decided, I wanted a Dollfie. I had seen them plenty of time son other blogs and site that talked about figures. I knew of their existence for a while and while I did always think they were cool and looked very nice, for some reason I didn’t really get to the point of buying one….until now. I’m not sure what exactly sparked it, but something did, I wanted a Dollfie.

Now, this wasn’t so simple. You see, to put it delicately, I’m quite insane. It’s not s simple as just buying a dollfie, I had to spend hours researching them, the different options available, and so on. At first I thought about getting effectively an original character. Buying a standard body and blank head and either getting someone to do the face-up for it or try it myself. I wasn’t too sure about that. While it had the upsides of being a somewhat original character, getting the face to be as I liked it I wasn’t sure was something I could really get. While still on this option though I relentlessly looked up what the different options were for wigs and eyes and so on. The wig seemed to almost completely define the look of the character, especially with a blank head where there were only four molds available. The face up I could do, or commission, was likely not significant enough to distinguish it enough. So I looked at the wigs At first, I wasn’t too impressed with the wigs offered by the official site. They just didn’t seem to be that good, so I got concerned. However I discovered another website that sold wigs for Dollfie Dreams, (Dollfie Dreams differing from Dollfie in that the head is anime-like with Dream) These wigs were really good and looked great, but the issue of the faceup came up.

I went back and forth between if I wanted to try my attempt t a face up or get someone to commission it. While there re huge sites out there like Den of Angels that have big communities with commissioners, I wans’t sure how many would be able to do an anime face-up, as most of the Ball Jointed Dolls aren’t anime like, so most commissioners would be best for other kind of work. The other option was to do it myself. Now, while there were sites that gave good directions on how to do a faceup for them, and in an anime style like other Dollfie Dreams had, but they were no where near the quality or detail that some of the pre-made ones had, which was an option itself. However, I didn’t want some generic new character they had for just the Dollfie Dream, if I got a pre-made face, it would be for an existing anime character, which brings us to where I am now.

I decided, though, as you see, a lot of contemplation, to get the Mashiro Dollfie Dream. While the anime itself may not have been hugely popular, I never go into watching an anime based off an eroge like that and expect it to be a lot just because that conversion form that kind of game to anime rarely works. I watched it for what it was though and did absolutely love Mashiro herself. I thought she was a great character and when I saw the available doll for her, I thought it looked amazing. So I decided I must have her, which leads to this….SHE HAS ARRIVED!

Here is a short bit of pictures of her arrival. I will sometime soon take more extensive photos of her, as I only have a few this is more of an introduction to her than a in depth photoshoot. I don’t want to tire her out after she has just arrived. I thought this opening would the perfect opportunity to have my little Nendoroid Theater, so this is a little story about my Nendoroids discovering Mashiro’s box and opening her up.

The box has arrived

Miyuki: My, what do we have here?
Ink: It looks big
Yui: What should we do….

Shana: Let’s open it!
Yui: But we don’t know what’s inside…

Konata: Just go for it!

Shana: I’ll open it….~Hiiiiiyaaaaaaaaaa~

Everyone: Ooooh, it’s….just another box….

Some shots of just the box:

Sumomo: Maybe what’s in the box is whats pictured right here
Louise: Probably…

Yui: Another box! What should we do?
Shana: Lets just cut it open again!

Miyuki: My, what is it?
Louise: It looks like som person wrapped up
Sumono: We’ve got to help her
Konata: She’s naked!

Ink: We found her clothes over here
Yui: They’re so big…
Shana: Well then, lets put the clothes on her…

Mashiro: Hello everyone
Everyone: Oooh
Yui: She’s so big
Shana: Can she fight?
Ink: Can she use magic?
Sumomo: She’s so pretty!

Mashiro: Why thank you, you are very pretty too
Sumono: She’s warm and soft!

Mashiro: I can fight, Shana, see…

Mashiro: Zanbar!
Shana: Oooh..
Mashiro: And yes, Ink, I have some magic… TAYUTAY!

Mashiro: My magic form!

Mashiro: Magic Zanbar!

Ink: That magic was so cool, I wish I could do that
Mashio: Don’t worry, I’m sure you will some day.

Well, thats it for the pictures with Nendoroids, here’s the rest of some of the pictures I’ve taken.

7 thoughts on “My First Dollfie Dream – Mito Mashiro”

  1. Definitely cool to see in the flesh so to speak. Plus you have to give Shana credit. Not a big sword, but can do some damage. A nice post to cover this.

  2. Very cute doll, I wish I had one like that anyway thought this could be interesting I found this website that can create a super-realistic doll heads of anyone from just a photo. Imagine making doll of yourself, your kids, your boss or your favorite celebrity!

    Apparently they can make the heads in many scales to fit Barbie-like dolls, Tonner dolls or even smaller figurines like Polly Pocket.

  3. ThAT was too cute. where did u get their clothes from. I just purchased yukino and am so excited. but i need help in getting clothes for her.

  4. Congrats!!!! Sometimes the dolls look sooooo different from the picture and when you buy it, she looks less cute and pretty, but this one is cuter!!!! Hope there won’t be any minor yellowing going on sooner or later….. I hate how my DDs get all yellow from heat and over time! Don’t put her in the sun! ( bad things happen ) hope you get more ^_^

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