Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 46

The promised day has almost arrived and Ed has an unexpected encounter.


Well this episode had quite a few surprises. Of course they were all well done and helped to build things up even further. We jumped ahead quite a distance into the future and now are on the brink of the promised day. At least they seem to have an excuse for not attacking until then since Ed and Al plan on using the chance to get their bodies back. Though I have to think there are more reasons than that since no one would gamble the fate of the entire country for something like that. Ed and Al might be likable guys, but some things are just worth a bit more in the global scale.

I can think of a reason why Ed was eating in Winry’s room and I doubt it had anything to do with the view outside. Honestly the guy probably thought he wasn’t likely to see her again for a while and wanted to be a little closer to her. You’d have to think it was something like that considering the blush he had after being questioned on it. Enough said when everyone but Ed and the dog were kicked out. Considering she kicked out chimeras, soldiers, and a homunculus perhaps Winry is the most powerful character?

I was a bit surprised that the earrings weren’t brought up since it was a perfectly valid chance to give them back. Maybe he just forgot or decided he would return those when it was all over. It was a nice little argument between them about leaving. You knew Winry was too stubborn to just run for the hills. Besides I think her grandma would have stuck around too since she’s the stubborn type. I think most can understand Winry’s feelings. She can’t just run away and turn her back on what might happen to her country. It’s not fine if she is the only one who gets away after all. Besides if they fail and she is out of the country that means Ed is gone. It can be seen simply as preferring to share his fate. Of course we can see Ed’s feelings in wanting someone he cares about that much to be safe, but it was kind of pointless to bring up. On a lighter note has Ed finally caught up and even passed Winry in height?

Somehow I keep feeling that message Ed is supposed to give to his father is going to be when Hohenheim is dying. Just seems like they are setting it up for a dramatic final message before he departs.

But anyways things are finally moving and the plans are coming together. Not a bad job gathering the Ishbalans together on top of the forces they already have. I’m not sure how much of that story about Grumann’s plans. Considering the bombing wasn’t part of the story you have to wonder how much is being left out. I thought for a moment that guy was working with Grumann to tell that story to Bradley. But it seems he was just fed partially faulty information. It could be mostly true since a believable story is the best kind to fool your enemies with. It’s not a bad plan since it would let them try to seize power while Ed and company try to put a stop to Father. A pretty dangerous plan, but I suppose it’s worth a shot. Regardless Grumann is one incredible guy; just talking about blasting Bradley with the cannon and then that laugh at the end. It’s obvious that Bradley wouldn’t die that easily, but still it should slow him down a little.

Of course you can’t forget Mustang. Roy is just an outstanding character and deserves so much more screen time. You have to love how he completely pushes Olivier’s buttons. I’m not sure if that was a trick on her part to excuse burning the message or if he really did make her snap. Either way you can feel the intense rivalry between the two of them. It does say a lot when she is willing to give the mansion to him and more or less trusts him to take care of things if she dies during this. She may not like him, but that doesn’t mean she can’t recognize his ability.

Anyways I’m looking forward to the next episode. Al has been captured by Pride and Gluttony which really hurts things. Besides that the promised day has come and it’s time to put everything on the line.

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  1. Lol Winry can be quite formidable when she’s pissed, but only when she is in that state of mind. As for Winry’s earrings, yeah I agree that Ed might give them back when everything is over

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