To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 21

Mikoto and Kuroko do some investigating about Haruue following the poltergeist incident.


Well this moved things forward although slowly. We didn’t really learn anything that wasn’t already expected or at least considered. Haruue is clearly connected to the outbreaks though not consciously starting them. The real problem is again clearly the MAR director. Finally Haruue is connected to the girl (Banri) that we saw in the flashbacks. May not be anything we didn’t already know, but at least it’s good to get some confirmations. Well the MAR director isn’t completely confirmed, but its close enough.

Really I can’t be that hard on either Uiharu or Kuroko. They both have reasons to be taking the sides they are. Kuroko is right which makes her position all the stronger. Uiharu has gotten attached to Haruue and wants to stand up for her. She has talked more with the girl than Kuroko has so she is biased in her favour. Maybe she is ignoring the facts, but she doesn’t know about the outbreaks that happened in the district Haruue was in before. Clearly the girl is going to need support soon and Uiharu will need to be there.

I’m not buying the director’s half-baked explanations. She ignores Kuroko’s point of what it says on the file about her power’s going up under certain conditions. Saying things like they have a certain profile means nothing since she can just say that to throw Kuroko off. Obviously she wouldn’t want Haruue taken in since it would mean less outbreaks of poltergeist. Most likely she is letting it happen and possibly triggering them while taking in data about the results. The tests they performed were likely for more results on the experiment. Really no one should trust this woman. She actually said Anti-Skill was being trusted with the serious portion. I mean Anti-Skill!? I very much doubt they were told much of anything.

Also I’m impressed with Mikoto in this one. She has been a bit silly in the recent episodes, but she really had logical thinking here. Was good for her to pick up on what was being said and think back to the Kiyama situation. Kiyama might not be directly responsible for this, but it was a good train of thought. Though you have to admit seeing Mikoto get absorbed by something childishly cute is pretty nice. Anyways, someone should tell Kuroko about jinxing things since saying there is no way Kiyama could escape almost means she will sooner or later.

But perhaps the greatest discovery is that Konori drinks more than milk. That was quite the order given to Saten. Also I’m feeling more and more sorry for Mitsuko each episode. Sure she can be a bit much, but she keeps getting the short end of the stick. She’s practically being held captive in that facility.

Anyways things are moving along nicely. Looking forward to getting to the heart of this and finding out if I’m right about the director’s aims.

2 thoughts on “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 21”

  1. The OP already told half of the story, although I wonder how the “Level 6” stuff (in the preview) is going to come into the arc.

    This episode did sort of explain the pink paint job on Telestina’s mech given that she is into the little kids stuff lol.

  2. Meh, I didn’t quite like how they introduced tension between Kuroko and Uiharu again. Uiharu’s defense of Haruue is understandable but I just thought the amount of trust Uiharu put in Haruue is poorly developed (that level of attachment happened too soon) because she ditched her other friends’ opinions without even listening to them. She was constantly cutting them off with her angry outbursts.

    Anyway yes, something is really suspicious about Telestina. It’s not only the way she smirks in any given opportunity but she also displayed some signs of caution and concern upon learning Haruue’s friendship with Edasaki. Not sure if this signified Telestina’s role in being directly involved with Edasaki and the rest of the experiment victims but it’s something to ponder over.

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