Sora no Woto – Midway Impressions

I have to say I wasn’t too sure about this show. While I always thought it would be interesting, it’s why I decided to watch it, as far as what it would cover I had no idea. A mix between military and music? Some K-On and Strike Witches crossover, it seemed like an odd combination that I felt, while may be funny and interesting, would be kind of just fluff. While the show right now still hasn’t been back to back action or enthralling plot, I would say it’s a bit more than just absolute fluff. I really do like this show. While it isn’t fluff, again it’s not had a lot of really serious moments, but the stuff they have had has just been fun to watch. The characters are good enough that it carries the individual episodes and they just seem to have a fun time.

It does seem like they may start going into a bigger plot in these last episodes. With the phone call Rio received, it seems like it is alluding to something bigger that will take place. I think that it will fit in just fine with the show. It’s had enough fun episodes to develop the characters and throwing in some serious stuff doesn’t seem to be too far off of what they’ve set up, with things like Felecia’s past and the setting of this post apocalyptic war torn world. It seems that whatever bigger plot they have it will have to do with Rio’s past. The person on the phone seemed to be from Rio’s past and there are been several mentions of her mother, which I was quite surprised to hear she was some kind of princess, though that may now play into it a bit. Either way, I hope they do have a bigger plot, but I still want them to keep the fun character personalities even through that.

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  1. I have had fun watching the show as well. I does remind me of K-On quite a bit with the character’s interactions, but I have not been disappointed with how they are handling things. Like you said, the character’s seem to be having fun and easily carry the show forward. I’m not sure I agree with you about Rio’s mother being a princess, but that princess is someone very dear to her. I could be misinterpreting things though. Won’t be the first or the last time. The phone call that Rio received from her father does seem to have set some plot in motion. I’m very curious as to where and will keep watching to find out.

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