Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 45

Greed takes on Wrath and the Armstrong siblings face off.


Well this fight went a little differently from how I expected. Honestly I thought that the fight would last quite a while and draw Pride into the mix. Didn’t think they would settle things without either side getting killed off. It was probably a good move by Greed to leave since he wasn’t having a ton of luck. Though Wrath did break his sword so if he had pressed there might have been a chance. Still that was a very close call where he nearly lost his head so no surprise that he might want to get out of there. Somewhat interesting that Ling was actually moved by Greed wanting to be the King of the World. Maybe that proves that those two really fit.

I didn’t really expect that they would take a break in terms of jumping ahead in time between now and the next episode. It seems like it might be better to attack now before everything is on the line. But I suppose the counter moves must be made at the right moments so timing is everything. It is actually useful in giving time for Al to work on his Eastern Alchemy and Ran Fan to get her automail. Since obviously she will be jumping back into the scene sooner or later.

Some real surprises in this episode really. I didn’t think Ed would end up joining forces with Greed. But yeah talk about brother’s not being on the same wavelength. Ed couldn’t have been more off about where to find his brother. Of course its fine that they are all separated a little since it will give them time to strengthen themselves alone. Besides might save us a good Ed and Winry moment later on depending on how things unfold.

Of course you have to love the Armstrong family. I just love these people. They settle things like passing the leadership of the family through a fight. I’ll give Alex credit for fighting his sister considering most would run away and that he didn’t use alchemy. Guess he thought it would be an unfair advantage for him. Felt a little bad for him when he was getting dragged away for more of a beating. Definitely a weird family since they go off and decide on elephants for souvenirs. Still one of the more comical families we’ve seen in the show so far. Nice that Alex figured out why his sister made that move. I think Olivier was also proud of him for stepping up and noticing that.

May ends up sticking around as well thanks to pressure from Envy. I suppose in the end she is just too kind a person to leave innocent people to die. Her country and people matter, but she can’t walk away. Envy gets what he wants since leaving would mean less of a chance to get a stone that could let him get back his shape changing abilities. Suppose we’ll see if this was for good or bad in the end.

So anyways things continue to build up for an epic battle. The fate of the country is on the line and everyone will have to be ready.

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