Ladies vs. Butlers – A Step Forward

Without a doubt in my mind the best episode of the series so far. That trip to Selnia’s house in Japan was a real turning point. Just glad they got through dealing with side characters to get to what is really interesting about the show.


There really was so much to like about this episode. We really owe the alcohol for getting some of Akiharu’s thoughts out there. I mean there is no way the guy sober would admit to thinking any of those things. Not sure how Selnia will end up taking what happened there. She seemed more bothered that he forgot and fell asleep with her stuck there than anything else. Either way the episode reminded me why I’ve liked Akiharu’s character in this series. He’s a solid personality that will speak up for himself. Sure he’s got some weaknesses like some trauma with Tomomi or being a very light drinker, but he’s still better than quite a few male leads I’ve seen. I was kind of surprised anyways about that opening scene since I thought it was Drill’s imagination at work again. Then get hit with it being an actual scene in the episode.

Anyways clearly both girls are feeling uncomfortable about the connection the other has right now with Akiharu. It forced Selnia to swim out a bit far in the first place and made Tomomi nervous about what happened between them. That CPR joke by Tomomi really burned her since he was actually going to do it. That in itself showed to her something has changed between Akiharu and Selnia.

Have to say I was just impressed with Selnia actually adding the formal apology on top of her thanks. She is a person that might do something rash out of shock, but will actually apologize for it unlike plenty of characters out there. Though I suppose those pictures show that she’s really been brought up with that mindset. Plus have to admit she’s been really consistent with that hairstyle. While it seems like a kiss on the cheek at the end it was still a nice moment at the end. This trip has really brought out her mature side showing that she is more than an argumentative Drill.

Have to say Selnia beating out Tomomi to hand out the card was really a key event this time. This should make the last part of the series pretty interesting. While I like Tomomi’s character, no doubt I’m pulling for Akiharu and Selnia. Have liked them from the start when getting a feel for their personalities. I think it’d be pretty good match overall. Seems like he’d be good for Selnia to just let her not have to be perfect all the time. She is clearly capable to handle the noble position she’s been born into, but having someone like Akiharu around would be positive. Plus if Akiharu gets together with either girl he’ll be moving into the upper class and Selnia would definitely be capable of helping him walk that road.

Drunk Akiharu really burned Tomomi though. Saying that she didn’t have any sex appeal at all shows that right now he’s not physically attracted to her. That’s a tough hit especially when he’s already wary of her due to her plots in the past.

Though I do wonder really what we can expect for the end of the series. With this kind of show it seems pretty normal to have a vague conclusion to things. Plus with the novels still going it seems all the more likely. Yet this doesn’t seem like the kind of show you get a second season for so maybe they will try to get something more concrete.

2 thoughts on “Ladies vs. Butlers – A Step Forward”

  1. I agree it was probably the best episode so far. I think the conclusion will be, as usual, non-existent. Something like “and then life continues as always” followed by some random scenes of the usual antics. Well, I might even take a look at the novels to see how it continues

  2. I watched this episode in the midst of everything and it actually made me want to watch the series over again… finally looks like the plot moved in some direction… unlike some other series this winter *cough cough*

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