Inuyasha – Final Act – 20

Everyone fights against Naraku when he arrives after Magahatsuhi’s death.


Wow…that’s all I can really way, wow. This was a huge episode. There was this giant fight with Magahatsuhi and they almost lost that but then Sesshomaru saves them, goes away, a huge fight with Naraku in which they seem screwed but Kohaku does this very cool thing and saves them all, and everything is all nice and fine. Then…BOOM. They become absolutely and totally screwed. You know that one thing they’ve been trying to do in the past two thousand episodes (slight exaggeration) the one tiny thing about stopping Naraku from getting the full jewel? Guess what…..BOOM. It’s just…pretty damn big. They really do seem absolutely screwed now. They had this very particular plan on how they were going to kill Naraku now that he has become this god like existence. This tiny thing that could stop him, and now that is gone AND he’s become more powerful. I really can’t describe any better than, “They are totally screwed” It seems their only option is to somehow use the light that’s in Kohaku to defeat Naraku, however since that light isn’t in a jewel, I don’t’ know how they were going to do that. The whole plan was to give Naraku the shard with light in it, then purify the whole thing. However they can’t really give Naraku Kohaku and purify the whole thing so it seems to not really work…

There’s not really more to it than that, it was a pretty big episode and the fight was big as well. I have to say I was quite impressed with Kohaku himself for saving himself and Kagome like that. Even though it turned out to not really help much, it was still impressive for him who seems to not really do anything to do something that big on his own.

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  1. Well I think the light option is completely out. That thing is being used to keep Kohaku alive so if they used it he’d probably die which would negate the whole point of giving it to him. I agree with Kagome that Kikyou has pretty much said it’s up to them to settle this. Now it seems like the other option of just owning Naraku with violence is the last hope. Either that or hoping that Kagome’s powers when finally unsealed will be enough to make the difference here.

    Definitely an incredible episode. Finally Naraku made a powerful move that just blew everyone away. You could feel the emotion when Kohaku went down and Inuyasha was pissed.

    Everything is ocming together. Sesshomaru has to save Rin again and they have to settle things with Naraku.

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