Inuyasha – Final Act – 19

Magahatsuhi takes control of Kohaku’s body in order to complete the jewel.


This episode was quite interesting. It was good to see something happen without Inuyasha and Kagome being there. A time like that would seem like the perfect opportunity to attack and it would have honestly been quite stupid if they hadn’t attacked then. For the bad guys to just wait for them to return would have been odd. Although they haven’t really done anything yet, it’s still an interesting situation. I’m curious if Kagome is going to have to actually do something to get her power back or if they will just all kill Magahatsuhi and it will come back on its own. While it may seem more easy to just kill him, I would like to see some kind of self realization or something with Kagome for her to get her power back, so she grows as a character a bit more.

It was nice to see the bit between Sango and Miroku. Although they didn’t really put any focus on it and kind of moved past it pretty fast, I still think it was a rather big moment. Even though it’s been obvious for a long time that the two of them would get together and that they have feelings for each other, for Sango to kiss him like that really showed that she has admitted the feelings openly to herself, which is one of the bigger hurdles anime characters seem to have, so it’s good to see them get past it. Now, I doubt it will really mean much until after Naraku is defeated and they do some kind of epilogue, but the fact that they did show something about it before that epilogue means it will feel less sudden and rushed.

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