Dance in the Vampire Bund – 07

Akira has to decide where his loyalty lies.


I’m just not really sure what to think about this series. It’s so weird and confusing yet at the same time being absolutely awesome. I had been so confused as to what was really going on with the whole vampires at school attacking everyone and what Mina knew about it, then Akira’s loyalty seems to be all over the place, befriending the vampires yet then being pissed at Mina and wanting to attack them. The best I can understand is he effectively realized that Mina and the school vampires weren’t working together. Which is good, because I really liked Mina and didn’t want her to be responsible for evil things like attacking innocents. However, Mina and Akira then still fought as if they were fighting because he betrayed her, which I didn’t really understand. I kind of get how Akira’s actions would have been betraying them a bit, but not really. He was simply standing up against the evil vampires in school, which had nothing to do with Mina really. Their whole fight, which f’ing awesome to see with the hot glowing Mina, was just kind of weird however the way it seems to have worked out really did seem good, so I’m very interested in seeing what comes next.

I’m curious how the show is going to progress from here. The way they kind of summed up this episode seemed like the entire show up to this point was kind of an introduction. The way she kind of announced the Vampire Bund and the way Akira seems to have been officially knighted and recognized as part of her organization. There are still a lot of questions and issues, but it seems like there is a definite breaking off point here to a different kind of story. It was interesting to see Merein at the end. She seems to have been the one that stopped Mina from killing the giant bat guy, who seems to have been the leader of this vampire resistance group. It’s possible she’s part of the group, as she seemed to have a kind of weird expression on her face when they showed her during Mina’s big announcement of the Vampire Bund being official. So there is still Merein and this resistance group to deal with so it will be interesting to see how they deal with it.

One thought on “Dance in the Vampire Bund – 07”

  1. This was one of the most action-packed episode so far. Still not enough of blood and gore though. I’m still waiting for the scene in the trailer where Mina rips off the head of some hapless commando.

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