To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 20

Uiharu gets a roomate and the investigation of recent earthquakes reveals interesting information.


Well things have certainly gotten more interesting now. This RSPK syndrome also sounds similar to what happened with those little kids in the first arc. Especially that line about espers losing control and an uncontrollable outburst of power resulting. You had that feeling right when the explanation of it came out. The connection only got stronger when Konori found that link connecting it to AIM diffusion fields. Besides it also has some ties to that device from Skill-Out; at least if we look at it from the perspective that Mikoto lost control over her ability.

Anyways from that goofy Anti-Skill episode we can remember that girl. She does seem as odd as always even after finding that pendant. Also it seems like she does have a connection to one girl from that horrible experiment. It seems safe to guess who she is looking for. Still have to wonder what role she is going to play in all of this. Possible she was also experimented on and is causing the RSPK outbreaks. Of course thanks to the subtleness of the series it’s clear who the real enemy in all of this is. Obviously it has to be the person in the pink mech. I mean no one good could possibly get into something like that.

Speaking of which good to see another episode can show how poorly equipped Anti-Skill is. Judgment has espers, the Multi Active Rescue Squad has mechs, and Anti-Skill has…..riot shields. Seriously it’s clear who got the short end of the stick. That is just a sad group right there. They get nothing useful considering even criminal groups like Big Spider had access to experimental devices like Capacity Down. If I was in Anti-Skill it wouldn’t be long till I quit. It’s obvious they are the laughing stock of Academy City security.

But yeah have to love the hearts in Mikoto’s eyes when she saw that Gekota mask. Some good light hearted moments such as Haruue finding the moles in whack-a-mole to be cute. She fits perfectly in that group since they all seem to have odd quirks to them. Once again it’s clear while Uiharu loves the upper class she really needs some help in various areas. Poor Saten showed her solid skills by saving them from the doom of figuring out a yukata. You had to love how the power of milk gave Konori the power to find that information. She really does seem to love that stuff.

Finally we seem to be in the last serious arc of the series. At least we can drop focusing on obscure side characters and see where this might go.

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  1. I wonder what RSPK stands for? Really Stupid Psycho… I’d better stop. Not a fan of the pseudo-science talks lol.

    Well, the Anti-Skills do have assault rifles that seem to have a lot of ammo. Too bad most of Anti-Skills can’t aim properly. But yeah, the MAR mechas are a big step above Anti-Skill gear though.

    And what’s with the horrible paint-job on Telestina’s mech?

  2. To quote the Paranormal Ghost website:
    “RSPK – Recurrent Spontaneous Psycho Kinesis
    Believed to be the source of most poltergeist activity, this is the term for when unexplained events happen repeatedly in the vicinity of an individual or agent.”

    Thank gawd they simplified it to “poltergeist”. As much as I enjoyed the light-heartedness of the previous episode, it feels great to get back into a plot oriented story. I find it strange how they made things a little more obvious as the events progressed. It’s nearly too easy to single out who is the antagonist of this arc unlike the Level Upper story where Kiyama’s true role almost felt like an ambush. Well, unless they’re planning a drastic twist involving Telestina at the end, that is.

    Haruue seems to be a bit of an oddball. She’s too…air-headed. But cute nonetheless. And it’s fairly obvious she’s onto finding the girl whose photo was in the locket.

    LOL Antiskill. They do have proper equipment to counter espers but what’s the point if they suck at using it. :p

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