Ookami Kakushi – 07

Kaname gives Hiroshi a new theory and is eventually kidnapped.


Well definitely not a good situation for Kaname right now. Her situation certainly answers some questions such as what happened to that girl involved with Issei. The fact she was kidnapped raises a few questions to be sure. One might say she was taken due to looking into things a little too closely. But it ties too closely with that list of people that was handed over before. It’s just as likely that she was taken because she is another one of those ‘normal’ people that might be too much of a temptation. From what Kaname said she hadn’t been in the town for that much longer than Hiroshi so it might be that her impact on the community still isn’t completely gone yet.

No matter the reason it’s clear the community is divided over what course of action they should be taking. Some are reasonably bothered by the rules they have put down leading to so many being killed. It would make sense to deal with the major causes of this situation rather than taking action after it’s too late to save some people. Yet the rules were clearly put down for a reason and blaming those who don’t know about the situation is hardly fair. At least one person has decided to take action before it’s too late. This could lead to a real mess down the road.

No big update about Isuzu. It seems Nemuru’s uncle is taking care of her which confirms she is still alive. We didn’t get to see her ourselves so it’s hard to say what her state is like right now. Although at the very least she is still alive which gives hope.

I’m not sure what to say about Hiroshi at the end there. He supposedly wants answers so badly and yet just hides away in his room and closes the blinds when Nemuru is out there. It doesn’t seem like the guy has any ability to take action. Obviously he isn’t strong enough to do anything physically no matter what happens. Still Hiroshi isn’t making a move and is just letting events unfold. Just keeping things inside and not doing anything isn’t going to help. I understand it’s a stressful situation, but obviously things are dangerous and not acting might put the people around him in danger.

We got more interesting flashbacks and wonder just what is up with Kaori. There is a real mystery going on with just her. Does Kaori have any connection Sakaki’s fiancé? Even if she doesn’t you have to wonder just what is happening to her. We haven’t seen this impact with anyone else.

Still the greatest mystery is what is happening to those who are kissed. The girl believes she became a god. Well at least that must be the answer she was eventually given by those who took her away. That cough she had makes me wonder if the disease theory is accurate. Of course it could just be her body reacting to the change that occurred after she was kissed by Issei. Kaname gave us an interesting theory that the Jouga wolves had human intelligence. It’s possible they could have evolved toward human forms though obviously not being the same as humans. If that’s the case it would explain the almost reclusive aspect of the Old Town and also why there is such a danger if they get involved with people. If they aren’t completely compatible species it’s possible something could be passed when they get intimate. Also their instincts would be slightly different from regular people. While I don’t want to jump onto a theory just handed to us by Kaname it does have some interesting points to it.

It looks like things will get more dangerous with Sakaki about to make his move. This is a guy that has been uneasy with meeting Kaori and is seeking his revenge. Should be interesting to see how things unfold from here on out.

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