Inuyasha – Final Act – 18

Kagome heads back to her time to deal with her high school entrance exams.


I really liked this episode. With all the serious Naraku fighting stuff going on I’ve almost forgotten that Kagome is from the modern world and that she has things like school to deal with. Until now they had really neglected that. Understandably so though, as there are more pressing matters to attend to. I’m glad they at least took some time to address it. I don’t expect them to drop everything for a long time and talk about her school life, as it is more or less not important, but it’s still nice they took the time to throw that bit in. It was nice and fun to see. I was surprised about that almost kiss moment Kagome and Inuyasha had. Of course they didn’t actually kiss, but that the first time they’ve gotten hat close so just that was a pretty big deal, showing that Inuyasha didn’t just care about Kikyou and that Kagome may be admitting a bit to herself about her feelings.

I’m glad they actually talked about the whole Magahatsuhi staring thing, and have had it affect something. It would have been quite stupid if it didn’t have some lasting effect. They talked about it before, that somehow he was sealing her powers and it seems like he sealed them…again somehow. That’s a bit confusing but it does seem that until they deal with that problem, that they are kind of screwed. They pretty much need Kagome for the final fight and if she can’t do anything well, then everyone will probably die. I’m just wondering if it will be dealt with by killing Magahatsuhi or if they will have to do something more. There was a lot of talk in this episode about how the Jewel was good or evil or both, and how the “correct” wish needs to be made so it may turn out to be far more complicated than just fighting Magahatsuhi. It is a rather important topic, how the jewel works and how the evil and good in it are balanced, so I do hope they’ll expand on that more.

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