Fairy Tail – Galuna Island Arc

Natsu, Gray, Lucy, and Happy travel to Galuna taking on a forbidden S class quest.


Well that was a pretty good arc overall. Really the focus was all on Gray and his past. It was definitely an emotional one showing just how dangerous their world is. Deloira was a true monster that cost so many people their lives. The amount of people that were willing to work with Lyon reflects that. It was surprising to see just how much Gray had lost before he arrived at Fairy Tail. His family getting massacred by Deliora and then Ul giving everything to stop that same monster. It’s no surprise that he was so focused on going after Deliora back then. Losing everything left him so locked in on revenge that he couldn’t see what he had. While you can never replace family it didn’t mean he couldn’t get more family. At least he didn’t make the same mistake a second time. After Ul sealed Deliora away he followed her advice and moved forward. I’d say he has turned out the better for it all. Obviously if he could have freed Ul from her fate he would have, but upon finding out there was no way to undo the spell without destroying Ul he had to give it up. At least he didn’t lose himself to obsession like Lyon did.

Ul was one amazing figure though. While not the strongest in the world she was an incredibly powerful user of creation magic. That one attack she launched at Deliora was pretty insane. No way that Lyon comes close and Gray still has a long way to go himself. But more than her magic she was a good person. Picking up Lyon and Gray and teaching them what she could. Both kids having their issues which couldn’t make working with them easy at all. But clearly the flashback showed there were some good times. Loved the bit about Gray stripping in the city and blaming it on Ul. That training method really messed the guy up. Still a person that will remain an important part of Gray’s past. She kept on going even when she lost her leg and gave everything to seal away Gray’s darkness. Ul made the point that Lyon wasn’t a replacement for her daughter (who was more alive than she let on), but you’d have to think they were precious family to her. It was a pretty touching farewell for her when she used iced shell. Have to give the series a ton of credit since the music has been great and really added to the moment. Hard to imagine what it felt like to use that kind of magic. Definitely one of the best moments in the series so far in emotional value. Plus in the end she defeated Deliora and that’s what really matters. It took time, but she won.

Amazing how everything just came together here. The two pupils fighting for different reasons and Ul’s daughter actually being on the scene as well. 3 people that were so connected to Ul went in very different directions. Clearly Ultear is working with that council member for some dark purposes and has no respect for her mother. Lyon was completely obsessed with surpassing Ul and had her as the only one worth overcoming. While Gray wanted to protect Ul’s memory and the seal she gave up her body to create. They all went in very different directions at the end of the day. While Lyon should be moving forward with his group it seems Ultear will be a major threat down the road. Makes you wonder if pupil and daughter will settle things.

Really this was the first major arc for the series. It had some pretty fun moments like Erza showing up and her falling for Lucy’s pit trap. The battles were better looking in this one as well. They did hold back on the blood which is a bit too bad. I’m just glad the stills were much fewer and the fights felt more fluid than they did in the first few episodes. It seems we can look forward to some good times with this show. Natsu taking on the disguised Ultear was pretty good and Gray fighting Lyon was nicely done. Though it wasn’t a fight I also liked Gray’s confrontation with Erza. This was a situation he had to get involved in. If it meant Erza was going to try and cut him down then that’s what had to happen. Obviously he couldn’t just leave this be.

I really can’t complain about how this arc was handled. It had some nice emotional moments and gives hope for the rest of the series. Also this episode made it clear, but people should check out the soundtrack for this series. Anyways I’m looking forward to what we will get next.

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