Dance in the Vampire Bund – 06

Akira organizes a fight against the vampires when his trust in Mina fails.


Wow, I was stunned upon seeing the end of this episode. Not only was Akira actively turning on Mina like that a surprise, I could easily accept that but at the end when they opened the doors, it pretty much seemed as if everyone in that room would be killed by those vampires, which is quite big. Yuki seems to be an important character, and for so many people to be attacked it’s not something that can be ignored. I’m just really surprised that it happened. I hope that Yuki doesn’t die, not only because I do like her character, but she added a lot to the show in terms of this love triangle they had going on between her and Mina. While not really a love triangle in the same sense as you normally see, there was still a dynamic to that relationship that was interesting to see which I hope they don’t get rid of.

Although the bit at the end was big, probably one of the bigger moments was simply Akira turning on Mina like that. I really wasn’t expecting that. Obviously he had a problem with what Mina was doing, and it’s very understandable why he would, but it was still quite big. While I still don’t think Mina is evil, I think she has good intentions and didn’t like doing something that bad, she did it for the good of the hundreds of people she ruled, and despite her intentions it was still bad. Still, I figured Akira would just run way and sulk by himself for a while or something until Mina approached him and they talked it out, I didn’t think he would effectively start trying to lead some revolt against them.

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