Dance in the Vampire Bund – 05

Akira starts doubting Mina’s trustworthiness and intentions.


The beginning of the episode was quite interesting, when they showed what appeared to be a grown up Mina. It could possibly be her mother or something, but showing it was interesting as I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of something like that, or they wouldn’t have shown it in the first place. I’m just not sure what it could possibly mean. Other than that this episode was quite big. They are throwing more drama in this whole mix. They aren’t just proceeding with some normal story about casually going about vampires being around, there’s a lot more there. The way they have Akira now doubting Mina’s trustworthiness is quite interesting, as I’m sure there is plenty she’s lied about. However even though she is orchestrating this whole evil plot about kidnapping the little boy I’m still unsure that she is really evil, as she seemed to really not want to do it and is doing it for a better cause like giving a home to hundreds of individuals, so I’m curious how much further they will carry this and have Akira doubt Mina even more.

I’m not sure what to really think in comparing Mina and Yuki. On one hand, I like Mina. Her personality is very fun the way she is so arrogant let gets frustratingly cute over little things. Plus there are times when she really does seem sincere and looks to care about others, even if she has to do some bad things to achieve it. However, the whole incident with the ring really made me feel for Yuki. To have cared for Akira so much like she has only to have him taken away like that seems unfair to her, especially when all Akira ever talks about now is her, and when she does things like take the ring. Obviously he didn’t give it to her, as the maids were looking for it because he thought he lost it. For her to lie like that, making Yuki think Akira doesn’t care at all for him, is quite cruel. So I’m not sure who to really root for or anything like that, but I hope they keep this dynamic going, as it’s very interesting.

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