Dance in the Vampire Bund – 04

Mina holds a press conference for the whole world.


I think this show is going along extremely well. So far it’s been extremely interesting and not extremely boring or predictable. It’s just unique and intriguing I would say. So far there seem to be both these political issues about vampires living amongst the human world, there is this relationship between Mina and Akira, there are Akira’s memories and past, the relationship between different vampire families and internal struggles. If the show had just focused on one thing I think it wouldn’t have worked out as well. While it may be more focused and perhaps do a better job, the show is handling the multiple aspects extremely well. I think that’s one of the better parts about this series is how there are all these things going on and it doesn’t really feel like they are really neglecting much.

I’m still interested in the incident involving the girl from Akira’s school. Although Mina said something about how she covered it up and was not telling Akira about it, I still get the feeling she isn’t responsible. It almost seemed like at the end when they showed her the vampires who were around her were wearing school uniforms, so it’s very possible they are from Akira’s school. I just hope they aren’t under orders y Mina to do that. So far, with things she’s done like talk about how she’s making this Bund for people like the fangless so they aren’t persecuted and stuff like that, she doesn’t seem the type to order an attack on someone who didn’t really do anything wrong except state her own opinion.

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