Dance in the Vampire Bund – 03

Akira learns more about his memory and his past with Mina as he works with her.


I have to say, this episode has just made me love Mina all the more. The tsundere nature she has is extremely cute. The kind of confidence she has in herself as being this great powerful person coupled with her tripping over things and getting easily embarrassed and flustered because of something Akira said was great. I hope they develop her and her relationship with Akira a bit more. I am also curious as to what role this Merian girl will play. She obviously not only knows about vampires and Akira being a werewolf, but seems to have a history with him. She seemed to mention something about his memory and past that alludes to not just being interested in what’s going on, but that she has a history in all of this. Now, what that history is I don’t have the faintest clue, but it will be interesting to find out.

I was very surprised at the end. It got really dark. While dealing with a topic like vampires does tend to lend itself to something like that, it seemed very odd though for this show in what they’ve shown so far. I don’t really think that it’s Mina that’s responsible, and if she is I would actually be quite disappointed in the show so far. I got the feeling that although Mina is a vampire, she’s not really super evil or anything like that. What’s most likely to be the case from what I can theorize is that it’s some other vampire group that is responsible, but Mina and her people the “good” vampires will get blamed for it. As I said though, I really like Mina but would be disappointed if she was capable of doing something like killing an innocent like that. While I’m not saying she’s a goody two shoes or anything like that, but there’s a difference between sucking the blood of her attackers and making a vampire home and attacking some innocent person like was shown at the end. Anyways, I just hope that things don’t change too much from what I think they are now.

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