Inuyasha – Final Act – 17

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru face off against the embodiment of evil brought forth from the Shikon Jewel.


This episode was pretty interesting, at least a bit better than some of the other more or less bland episodes. However, it still seems to be in a kind of rut. Every episode for a while seems to have been powering everyone up. After Inuyasha got a power up at the cost of Sesshomaru, they seem to not want him to remain weak so they just powered him up again. I’m curious as to if there will be much more of this though, as I can’t really think of anything they can do. They seem to have powered everyone up. The only thing left really is to explore a bit more with Kagome’s power seal, which might be affected by this episode a bit.

I am curious as to what this will mean for Kagome. It seemed like they had settled on the fact that it was this jewel demon that sealed Kagome’s power. However now that he’s dead, what will it mean as far as her power? On one hand it could mean that the seal is broken, however that almost seems too easy. We just learned o this seal on her and then some battle in which she doesn’t even take part in powers her up…that doesn’t seem right. On the other hand, she could be even more screwed. He did something to her before dying, whether that was sealing her more or what has really yet to be seen. It seems an odd thing if ALL it did was knock her out for a while, as she wasn’t really doing much in the first place.

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  1. I thought this was a great episode. It finally reached the point that combined all of Sesshomaru’s character development in the series so far. He’s grown a great deal in the series and it has nothing to do with power. Clearly he’s become a better character able to care about others and not being so focused on his father. He’s stepped out from under his shadow and is starting to walk his own path. The sword and restored arm are just reflections of that. Sure it’s a power-up that almost everyone else has gotten, but it’s more about his character’s growth. He’s come so far from taking in Rin, protecting Kohaku, and finally fighting even when he can’t win. Plus the series has set up his final battle so that should be pretty good.

    Well Magatsuhi isn’t dead yet. The only thing destroyed was the body he borrowed from Naraku. Thus Sesshomaru mentioning that Magatsuhi had fled. They still have to track down his spirit or else he’ll just come back after them again. Plus if he’s the one that sealed away Kagome’s real powers then stopping him is probably the only way to resolve that part of it.

    We are swinging into the last part of the series. Should be a good conclusion.

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