Inuyasha – Final Act – 16

Kagome encounters the spirit of a dead shrine maiden under Naraku’s control.


I thought this episode was pretty interesting. They really haven’t seemed to talk much about Kagome herself until now; she’s just kind of ran along yelling stuff like “I sense a jewel shard” and not really doing much more. I mean she will obviously be very important in the final fight, as they need someone to purify the jewel and things like that, but until now they haven’t really given her any focus. I did like the talk about the whole, “Why are you named Kagome” thing, though I didn’t fully understand it. Still, it seemed quite important the way they were talking about it. She would have been screwed if she didn’t realize something herself, I’m just curious as to what impact that will have on the future of the series.

It does seem like they have been in this whole rut of just powering people up. Since the big fight where Kikyou died it seems that’s all they are really doing. Sango gets a better boomerang, Miroku doesn’t feel pain from his wind tunnel, Inuyasha can now make a giant vortex to the underworld, and now Kagome seems to be the focus. Though right now it’s not really clear if she has been powered up, but they at least opened up that line of dialogue where they are talking to find out how to power her up essentially. The whole disappearing arrow thing, while cool, doesn’t really seem like it’s that useful in a different situation. That doesn’t seem to be the only thing this was about, but that alone isn’t really anything. If anything, it’s her ability to just make the arrows glow more, hence making them more powerful. That and perhaps something about how her sense of things around her.

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