Hidamari Sketh Hoshimittsu – First Impressions

There is just something about this series that I absolutely love. While I’ve probably said this before in the previous seasons, I’ll say it again as it still applies. The show isn’t the absolute funniest show out there. It doesn’t have me laughing uncontrollably, and the other moments aren’t serious and enthralling enough to really have me thinking about it later. However despite that, I just absolutely love it. It is just sweet and fun to watch. It’s just a slice of life show that doesn’t really try and throw in huge drama, it’s just some quirky things the characters do or think that just made me smile when watching it.

The new characters are certainly interesting. I wasn’t expecting that before watching, and was kind of skeptical when it first came up, as adding new characters to a cast that had been the same for two seasons could have easily back fired, but I think it really worked. I am quite excited to see more of them. I’m curious if they will take a backseat to the existing characters or be more involved, as it could really go either way. Nazuna is extremely cute, and the other girl looks interesting too. They do seem like they will shake things up a bit, and for the most part I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It’s not hard to keep the good parts of the show intact, as it’s mainly based off of the characters they already have. So even if the new characters bring some changes to things, I think the show will still be good for the already existing good parts, just be better due to the fresher take on things.

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