Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 44

Ed recovers from his injuries and Al has a talk with Hohenheim.


I’m glad that Al put faith in Hohenheim. Sure it was a risk considering there had to be a connection between him and Father. Maybe he is a bit too trusting, but it was still good for Hohenheim to have someone believing in him. It was for the best for Al to run into him instead of Ed. It’s not going to be easy for Ed to let go of his anger there. At least Al is willing to listen and try to work things out. Finally the man gets to tell his story to one of his kids. It’s a pretty incredible story, but when you are a suit of armour that kind of thing is pretty believable. Good that they can work together since every force possible is going to be necessary to stop Father. It’s kind of amazing though that Hohenheim seemed to know everything that Al had spent that much time coming up with. Though maybe it helps explain what the man has been up to for the last few years.

Of course who can ignore the Winry fanservice. They really didn’t hold back with her in that slightly too small tub. You have to respect it was time to get some of that in. The whole North thing really didn’t allow for much of that. Anyways I think that talk with Rose helped to calm Winry’s concerns. Its clear Rose feels grateful to Ed for giving her the kick she needed to move forward. I’m still with Winry that he was a bit too rough with how he said it, but in the end it worked out. You really don’t sense anything romantic there, just a person glad she was able to move on with her life.

Some damn fun with Ed’s situation. May have just been the subs, but loved hearing Ed call the one guy Donkey Kong, haha. That was just damn funny there. Those two are pretty good guys to have around since they think quick. Though I have to say the poor guard made a terrible mistake. Ed just beat up everyone without even using alchemy for it. Think he’s been holding back some rage there. His decisions as always are pretty…unique. Have to agree if they want to stay out of sight it might be best to turn the car into something normal.

The ending was pretty interesting though. The last of Greed’s comrades were killed off, by none other than Greed himself. Of course he didn’t have all his memories so it’s not a surprise he did it so quickly. It was nice to see Ling again. That guy is pretty badass; I mean he was pissed and arguing with Greed. With his help Greed has snapped and is ready to have a rematch against Wrath. That guy did steal his comrades and no one takes things away from Greed. A good argument on Ling’s side since Greed wants everything that should include his memories. This fight should be very interesting. Last time Greed was completely taken off guard. This time he has the element of surprise and Wrath’s wife is around. Of course Pride is there too so this really puts Greed in a dangerous place. If that guy steps in then Greed has no hope. Still I’m sure they want to keep the ‘family’ thing together for now so maybe Pride will stay out of it.

Things are just getting more exciting with this series. The epic battle is definitely coming and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

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  2. Ed actually does refer to Darius and Heinkel as Donkey Kong and Lion King (at least in every manga translation I’ve read). Very appropriate names lol.

  3. “I’m still with Winry that he was a bit too rough with how he said it, but in the end it worked out.”

    To be fair Let’s not forget that Rose tries to shot Ed even after Cornello was revealed as an imposter in Brotherhood.

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