Dance in the Vampire Bund – 02

Mina Tepe, the Vampire Princess, seeks out Akira, a high school student.


Well this episode certainly was…interesting, and very unexpected. I suppose that the first episode really didn’t give a very good feel for what the show would be about. It was done quite oddly, and while interesting, seems to have been quite a bit different from the direction this show will be going in. Hell, I didn’t know or even think at all that the show would have this kind of romantic element to it, I didn’t know where was a male protagonist. But I do think it will be quite interesting with one. Even though it may fall into a more clichéd story with the romance, the show has enough of a unique feel that I think the romance aspect to it, the relationship between Mina and Akira, will make it quite interesting. I’m just not sure to what degree it will be handled.

I still think the whole transformation thing that these evil vampires do is kind of weird and I don’t really like it. While right now I’m not sure how much this show will be about fighting these other vampires or not, I do hope that if they do end up showing more evil guys, that they eventually migrate to less ridiculous looking when they start to be more of a threat. Though one of the big questions is still what the real plot of this will be. How much will this be about Mina and Akira fighting against other vampires or if it will deal more with handing human reactions and things like that.

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