To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 19

Mikoto must perform at a dorm event after giving a tour to Saten and Uiharu.


I thought this one was better than the last couple episodes. It honestly had nothing to do with the maid outfits since I don’t think fanservice really has the same effect with Railgun. It was just nice to have the cast together having some fun. It was nice that they weren’t focusing on some obscure character and giving that person weak development. Here it was just a nice fun episode.

Somehow Uiharu’s Tokiwadai obsession doesn’t get old. Seeing her freak out over everything and get brought back to reality after a while has a sense of satisfaction. The embroidery was hilarious since both Saten and Mikoto owned her in that respect. Have to love the Gekota one. No matter what happens Mikoto will always have her attention focused on a select few things. Still some fun moments such as Uiharu freaking out over the sugar flower being eaten and then Saten freaking out about the cake. It proves you can go too far in making the perfect cake since no one would want to harm it. The antics remained pretty fun and we had the return of the skirt flip to top it off.

I was impressed by how talented Mikoto was in some other areas. She doesn’t really care much for those high class activities and yet she is pretty good at them. That was nice work with the Gekota embroidery and then with playing that violin. While I played an instrument I didn’t handle one as difficult as a violin must be. Plus there is quite a bit of stress when it comes to doing a solo. Feel bad that her friends really couldn’t tell that she was nervous about it. Instead the others just added to the pressure by saying they were looking forward to it. Of course she came through in the end, but that definitely is thanks to Touma letting her work out that energy.

Maybe the fact that Touma made a brief appearance helped out this episode. Clearly it was the post first Index arc since his reactions matched up to those. It’s too bad this fit later in the Index timeline since it would have been fun to see Touma’s reaction to her in that dress. This also hit home that while Kuroko may remain obsessed she really has no chance with Mikoto. That girl has her attention focused in another direction though for the moment it remains more violent than romantic.

Anyways looks like we are finally getting into the last arc of Railgun. I hope they can make it an entertaining one . Obviously it won’t cover the Sisters, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be good.

3 thoughts on “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 19”

  1. Yeah, I was surprised that both Ruiko and Mikoto are good at embroidery, and Mikoto is also a talented violinist as well. Lol looks like Mikoto doesn’t just spend her days going to school, hanging out with friends and beating up thugs.

  2. Maybe Tokiwadai level up their standards with regards to every school subject. If the regular schools are teaching basic sewing for home economics, Tokiwadai settles for embroidery classes. Likewise for the regular school students who learn the recorder for their music lessons then Tokiwadai must be holding orchestral instrument lessons for theirs. Looks like it was compulsory for Mikoto to keep up with that kind of curriculum because she doesn’t seem like the kind of person would do all those things during her free time lol.

    Anyway, this episode could have gotten by even without the maid costumes. It was already that fun on its own, thanks to the antics of the characters. Uiharu mostly made it enjoyable. Her OTT fanaticism with the high class lifestyle is really a league on its own. Overall, it was better than the past couple of original stories and yes, I agree it’s because they focused on the real stars of the series instead of some supporting chara who don’t even show up for more than a couple of minutes each time.

  3. @TJ
    Though I suspect Mikoto enjoys the thug fighting much more than the high class things she has to do in Tokiwadai.

    You are probably right there. I can’t see Mikoto doing those things willingly in her free time. Besides how much free time would she end up having anyways? You have regular classes, ability related classes, and presumably time for school clubs. I can’t see Mikoto cutting into her free time doing those things. Besides with that kind of school it makes sense to take the normal courses and take them up a level. After all many there are from money so their families would have expectations.

    Yeah the episode would have been fine with or without the maid costumes. Though I have to say the outfit at the end was fine. Not often you’ll be able to get Mikoto into something like that.

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