Ookami Kakushi – 06

Hiroshi meets with Isuzu and things become dangerous with the arrival of Nemuru.


Damn things got pretty serious this time around. We finally caught up to the opening moments of the series. It appeared slightly different, but looks like it was that scene. Anyways we got a dangerous matchup of Isuzu against Nemuru with Isuzu almost getting killed in that one. Though really when you use knives against a scythe and the other person has killed quite a few people the odds are against you. Only thing that saved her was that Nemuru didn’t want to kill her and was likely feeling guilty about killing Isuzu’s brother.

This one did confirm that Nemuru is the scythe girl though how she is changing her hair colour is beyond me. Either some supernatural force or she just gets her hair dyed often and quickly. Though considering that jump of Isuzu’s I can say we are probably looking more supernatural than anything.

I’d have to agree with Isuzu that she isn’t like Issei. That guy was just completely out of control. True that Isuzu lost herself a little, but in the end she was able to pull herself back and stay in control. Maybe it shows that her feelings are genuine since she did have a different behaviour than some others. The whole thing was dangerous there is no question about that. The strain of losing her brother and seeing her mother in such a state couldn’t have helped her at all. Her red eyes were a lot cooler than some others. Anyways I think Isuzu will be fine since she showed her ability to pull it back when it counted.

Not sure I would call what happened there a full blown rejection. Let’s face it, Hiroshi was pretty damn confused by all of this. He’s seen a lot of things that don’t make sense to him and he’s trying to piece it together. Besides the fact that he got gripped to the point of bleeding and flew through the air (which was kind of cool) had to leave him unsure how to react. I am curious what is going to happen with Hiro and Isuzu since there is clearly major things standing in the way of any kind of relationship. Plus still need to figure out Hiro’s feelings although they do seem to point in a positive direction. If he could stop freaking out all the time it might help though.

Anyways some interesting things brought up. The people are clearly not happy with how things are going. Many are getting killed and they think it’s better to just eliminate those who are the greatest threats. Seems special people like Hiro are really throwing everything into chaos since there isn’t enough hassaku. Clearly the rules are set up to keep the people under control and from giving into temptations. It makes some sense to go after a catalyst like Hiro and yet it isn’t his fault since he doesn’t know anything. If the situation was explained maybe he could temporarily leave, but instead it’s all about killing one way or the other. With all that’s gone on I can’t blame Hiro for being upset. Yet it’s probably not a good idea to yell at a girl with a large scythe.

Some odd mysteries remaining like Kaori’s condition. It’s definitely not normal to have an arm looking like that. Just when you think the situation is starting to make sense then things start getting more complicated. Anyways we’ve gotten some answers from this episode. Nemuru being the scythe girl is confirmed and perhaps it’s less of an illness than some people not being human.

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  1. I’m not sure if Hiroshi could just up and leave town, but I think it’s high time he knew more about the town and what’s really going on with everyone. I also think he most likely likes Isuzu in return – he’s just going through the growing pains of figuring out what he feels, what he wants, and how to express himself (like not yelling at Nemuru).

    Ah! You’re so good; you post on time…

  2. @blindability
    I’m sure it wouldn’t be easy, but I’m thinking it might be the best option. If people are getting killed over this maybe they should tell Hiroshi’s family what’s going on and he can stay with relatives out of town for a while. Not like it would have to be permanent just until there is enough hassaku that his presence can be worked into the community. I have to think they’ve had people with his effect in before, but just not during such a bad time. Either way he deserves to know more. This situation is getting out of hand and clearly some people are going to act on their own. He can’t be left in the dark about the danger he is in.

    Yeah I think his feelings are positive it’s just that the situation is pretty extreme. Really when you start yelling at the person with the scythe it’s clear you aren’t calm. I think it’s a good match since Hiroshi kind of needs someone to pull him along.

    Well I’m somewhat varied when my posts happen. Though for series I’m really getting into I try to post quickly.

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