To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 18

Kuroko attempts to set up the Dorm Manager using her various plans.


I have to say the series really is just coasting along at this point. You know things are bad when we are spending time fleshing out the dorm woman. The dorm woman! Who are they going to flesh out next? How about some random classmate from Mikoto’s class? I mean seriously it’s nice to get into side characters a little bit and make them feel like part of the story. But this is supposed to be about Mikoto and her ties to these events are getting weak at best.

You knew things were going to go bad for her when the guy asks a question like that. I was just curious how she was going to crash and burn. I’d say no one in their right minds would consider what he did a proposal, but considering the people in question it’s not that hard to believe. Kuroko has no sense of reality since she still thinks there is a chance with Mikoto. The remaining 3 girls have no boyfriends unless you count Mikoto trying to kill Touma as a romantic relationship. I’m willing to guess the dorm lady’s romantic history isn’t that extensive either.

Anyways I’m just not sure what to say about this one. The last two episodes haven’t been that entertaining. At least when they went into Konori’s past it had some excitement and interesting characters. These last two haven’t been great. Now we have some maid episode coming up. But at least we’ve got Pizza Hut!

Oh well will just have to see what the series can come up with.

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  1. From the impression Kuroko gave me, she seemed to have a half-half objective with regards to her plan of hooking up the dorm mistress with Daigo – 1) Kuroko enjoys playing cupid; 2) Having the dorm mistress in lovey-dovey mode 24/7 would make her more compassionate, thus less severe punishments for breaking dorm rules as exemplified by the girl who got let off for making too much noise. Being a fan of Kuroko’s brilliant strategist nature, I’d like to believe she was aiming more for the latter lol.

    This episode was just plain weird. Seeing the dorm mistress act like a teenage girl in love felt off in so many ways. If they had wanted to dedicate an entire episode to her, I would have preferred it if they spent time emphasizing her Demon Lord side instead. That would’ve been fun.

    These plot fillers are really diluting the awesomeness of Railgun’s story telling. This series is supposed to be mostly about Mikoto and her close unit of friends but instead they wasted nearly 1/3 of the entire season casting original characters as main episodic stars. Hopefully the final major arc will be good.

  2. @Keiri
    Yeah it seemed Kuroko was mostly just in it for herself. Makes me pity the dorm lady since she was being used so Kuroko’s life would be easier at the dorm. Forgetting that if she just followed the rules (crazy for a person working at Judgment) then she wouldn’t get her neck broken all the time.

    This really was just weird. If it was an episode about the dorm lady beating up Kuroko oddly enough I would have enjoyed it more. There is just something fun about Kuroko being the one that takes all the damage in the series. It’s not that I dislike Kuroko it’s just got a weird level of fun to it.

  3. Maybe they’ll do an episode about the two swim club girls from Mikoto’s school next. Lol thankfully they won’t, given episode 20 on should be the 2nd half story arc… I hope.

    Yeah, an episode about Kuroko trying to get revenge on the dorm super and end up getting owned anyways would have been more entertaining.

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