Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 43

Envy faces off against Scar’s group and Briggs deals with its attackers.


Okay I have to say its fun that the thoughts from last episode rang true. Any group of idiots that attack Briggs in a big formation like that are doomed. In the end that feeling rang true since the attack force got completely massacred. In the end Kimblee gets what he wanted. The plan just needed a messy battle fought at Briggs and not necessarily the annihilation of the fort. Briggs of course couldn’t just sit there and let it be taken so there was no real choice in the matter.

But damn Envy got owned. That was some plan they had set up to take him down. Since they were expecting Envy they had a good chance to counter. Of course it also depended on Envy being the one to show up. The plan was set up for this particular fight and might not have gone their way if done differently. Also have to give a huge plus to Marcoh for just being badass in this. He took down Envy with a pretty nice move and made use of all the knowledge he had. It’s kind of sad finish for Envy to end up like that. You’d almost think he’d be better off dead. Being stuck in a form like that is pretty pathetic. Kind of makes sense since he was made to be Envy so having a natural state like that would lead to those kinds of feelings. Wonder about his fate since he’s gone off with May. I suppose he’s got a chance out there since if he’s sent to a ruler he might be able to manipulate things like Father did. Obviously he’s a villain, but yeah that’s a pretty pathetic form to be stuck in.

Good on Scar to protect May by getting her out of there. The points might be valid, but what is going to come will be dangerous. They are fighting against a force that will try to kill everything in that country. It’s better for her to get out of there and help her people.

That was a pretty chilling secret beneath Central. Not only is the plan just about ready to go, but they’ve got that force underneath there. Now all the rules make sense since it’s not about the difficulty of making humans, but just that the government would want the monopoly on it. The other two rules made sense for a country point of view.

I feel a bit bad for Alex since his sister really doesn’t have a good opinion of him. Obviously she doesn’t know his thoughts at this point and regarding what happened. He’s got a long way to go in order to get back into a good situation with his sister.

This episode had an interesting conclusion to it. I can feel for Winry’s uncomfortable feeling there. She’s already perfectly honest with herself about her feelings, but has no idea who Rose is or her connection to Ed. Of course really there isn’t much of a connection in this series so she doesn’t have much to worry about. At least Al did get a hint that Winry has feelings for Ed. Still it was a pretty interesting thing to have Hohenheim there. Al will get a chance to talk to his father and might get some important answers. At the very least forces are coming together now.

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  1. Yeah, Envy got Owned. Hard. and by Marcoh. Just what he deserves hehehe.

    Olivier is harsh towards everyone lol. Despite the bullying, she and Alex aren’t bad terms.

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