Ookami Kakushi – 05

Hiroshi asks questions about urban legends and Issei finally loses control.


Well at least the hassaku and wolf carving now makes sense. It’s a symbol placed at the house of those who have ‘fallen’. If they have hassaku to use for this purpose then they might be better used in helping keep the people under control. Not sure whether it’s just a symbol or some kind of offering. Since Nemuru did say Issei became a god. It’s not strange for people to be made gods when they die in some cultures so this might make some sense. Either way it wasn’t much of a comfort for Isuzu.

It was a slow fall to oblivion for Issei. He couldn’t control himself and paid the ultimate price for it. It’s not like he didn’t have any chances to survive, but every time he pushed himself further until he couldn’t go back. Look at the sweater situation for a reference. If he had gotten rid of that thing quickly he wouldn’t have been overwhelmed all the time. Instead he kept it and that combined with the lack of medication spelled the end for him. There were warnings, his family tried to keep him locked up, and probably should have had him tied up to make sure. Issei met a tragic end due to bad circumstances and decisions.

I feel for Isuzu since you can see how precious her brother was to her. Obviously she loved hanging on Hiroshi, but her brother had a special place in her heart. You have to think she is making a dangerous decision by saying that in the hallway. Of course you’d think Hiroshi would have more sense than to ask answers while Nemuru is walking through the hallway. Anyone can see the people are worried when around her. Still it’s not like telling Hiroshi this will be a massive surprise. Sure he knew Issei, but this isn’t the first killing he knows about. It might be time to tell him so more precautions can be taken.

It’s a safe bet Nemuru is the scythe girl though her chat with her uncle is a bit weird. I mean she talks as if she got a message when she was there. I suppose the part about the girl getting treatment is a message. Either way this is clearly a painful duty that’s being passed on. No wonder that Hiroshi is getting angry looks from her since if he wasn’t there the situation would likely not have been so bad.

The pieces are coming together though. Clearly there is a disease component to this. They are putting rules up on people to keep romance down so they won’t kiss. That appears to be the way that it is passed along and why the girl Issei kissed has to be treated. Wonder what it means though? They said she wasn’t the same as if she was changing and not quite getting a dangerous disease. At least we are getting the picture a little more. People like Issei are primarily living in the old town. Maybe the people that were ‘normal’ and ‘different’ were split up between the towns. While split up it’s possible for people from the old town to go to the new town, but there are rules put up. If they get romantically involved with a regular person they will have to be hunted down, because they lose control and something happens to the normal person. Maybe they decided to let people go from the old town to the new town due to having new medication to control the urges. At least that’s my theory for now. I’m not sure if the people are actual werewolves or people suffering from a local condition, but the result is these strict rules were set up.

I’m pretty worried about Isuzu now. She’s said something that can’t be taken back after all. She is a pretty main character so find it hard to believe she would get killed. Issei while prominent was still a side character. This does put a wrench into any pairings people might support. If those like Isuzu and Hiroshi are told to keep apart then they can’t very well get together. I suppose it depends on what happens to those who are kissed and if it can be handled in a different way.

I have to say those urban legends are pretty handy. You have to wonder if they exist as a never ending warning to the people. The ogre is pretty clear since people who lose control can act like ogres. The ghost ward is probably for people who have been kissed. The red fireflies are for those eyes of people dashing across the streets hunting down the fallen. Finally the beast’s scream would fit for those who are killed. All of those would tie into the same situation. Makes sense that urban legends for that town would key in on that one main issue plaguing the town.

Anyways this was a pretty big episode for everyone. Things are going down a path and can’t be stopped now. I just hope most of the cast can survive this without losing themselves or getting killed.

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  1. I really like your photo layout; WordPress is not that easy to work with when it comes to photos; MUCH better than blogspot though.

    Anyway, I don’t think Nemuru is the scythe girl and if you watch closely in the previews for Episode Six, you’ll see why. The interesting thing about urban legends is that sometimes – esp in a lifestyle that is just as traditional as it is modern – it’s not just a prophecy of the history of the town, but a self-fulfilling prophecy when a person or a group of people perpetuate it through the generations.

    If these wolves are really the Ancient Wolf Deities of Jouga, you have to wonder how many generations this has been going on for. Or maybe they’re not Ancient and I’m just making that up so that it all sounds more mysterious, haha.

  2. @blindability
    Thanks. The credit goes to Xebek for creating a great layout. Nice to just be able to write about the episodes without thinking too much about pictures.

    May be right with Nemuru. Speculation on my part. Seemed like the hairstyle was close enough. Colour is impossible to work with since the lighting is done to make that tricky. If she is it’d certainly explain the reactions she gets. Since just being related to the doctor of the town shouldn’t have that kind of reaction. If not should be interesting to get the real identity. The tears reflected a painful role.

    I’m definitely looking forward to getting some more answers. The origins of the people living there and how things got to this point.

  3. @FlareKnight: It’s like we’re having two conversations over two blogs about the same thing, haha. I think it’s definitely hard for Nemuru that these people get killed but at the same time, I just don’t think she’s the scythe girl. It would be nice to get a little more intel on the Kushinada family, their role, and then of course, to know more about the actual scythe girl.

    I’m going to be so ashamed if we find out that Nemuru IS the scythe girl.

  4. @blindability
    I suppose Nemuru deserves a break since it’s normal for it to be hard on someone in her position. Being feared by the community and your classmates can’t be easy. If she is the scythe girl it just makes her position all the more painful. At the very least it’s tough to have to enforce those kinds of rules. I’m sure we will get more information about what is going on with her family and the whole truth to the village.

  5. I beleive that nemuru is the scythe girl.It would be cool if they would explain what is going on because im nearly puling my hair out just to see the next episode.

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