Ookami Kakushi – 04

Hiroshi goes for a walk with Mana and after stumbles onto a violent scene.


Wow things have really gotten messy now. I suppose you can say not much has changed since we’ve seen people be killed off almost every episode. Still this was the first time Hiroshi saw it and it will have a huge impact on him. Before the scariest thing was Issei’s creepy advances and denying he is “that way” really wasn’t all that convincing. If the guy is worried about his condition maybe he should get rid of the sweater with Hiroshi’s scent on it. I mean seriously no amount of medication is going to help if he has that thing hanging around his neck all the time. It’s understandable why Isuzu is worried about him. Clearly his condition is getting worse each day getting to the point where he wasn’t confident he could control himself with that girl in the car. Besides I think Isuzu figures her brother hitting on Hiroshi is not going to help her chances.

I’m wondering about that carving and hassaku placed outside of one person’s home. Is it a warning that they better get themselves under control? Or is it some kind of death notice saying the person receiving that will be killed that night? Either way it’s probably not a symbol of appreciation for all the hard work put into the community.

I feel for that girl at the end. Clearly she knew things would be dangerous if she got involved at that time. It’s not like she didn’t try to hold herself back. Really it’s tough when a person you like is telling you everything you’d love to hear from them. Resisting their advances in that situation is pretty damn tough I would think. It appears this isn’t just about Hiroshi being around. Anyone who gets ‘involved’ during this hassaku shortage with someone that isn’t part of the group will be hunted down. It seems like this has to do with lust though we still don’t have all the answers. You can’t really blame the girl for fighting back since in that situation she is going to get killed anyways.

Also can’t really blame Hiroshi for his actions during it. No one with sense would jump out when someone is getting attacked by a massive group of people. Well at least not anyone who plans on living to see the next day. When something happens that fast you would just freeze and then it would be over. A small young guy isn’t going to pull himself together so quickly and jump out demanding the girl with the huge scythe to put it away.

I’m definitely curious about that guy and also Kaori. It seems like she is way too similar to the girl he lost. Wonder if she is related since its unlikely there isn’t any connection at all. It seems pretty clear he is there to unravel what is going on in that town and bring the people who killed Mieko.

Anyways not sure what Hiroshi will do. He can’t really just say he saw a killing since there is no evidence. Also he doesn’t know who was killed and if the people are behind it there isn’t much chance the police will get involved. Considering they were conveniently absent during that time, it doesn’t appear they get involved in that kind of thing.

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