Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 42

Hohenheim enters the tunnels while Scar’s group pieces together the secrets of the text.


Well this was a pretty good episode especially near the end. It was interesting to see Hohenheim match up against Pride like that. Really we haven’t seen him do much, but walk around and look pretty stoic. He did teach a nation alchemy so it’s not a surprise he’s pretty handy in a fight. Plus with all the souls in him he can do some quick alchemy. Of course this just shows how overwhelming Pride is in the tunnels and how you don’t want to pick a fight within his domain. Still I’d say for a creature with no anger, he got pretty angry at the end when Hohenheim evaded him. Seems like he knew exactly what would happen and let Pride get carried away before ducking into a safe spot. It was pretty cool to see him talking like that to Pride and hitting some clearly sore points.

The encounter between Pride and Hohenheim was good if only to make clear what Father did. Creating that body he then started to eject what he didn’t need out into homunculi. Starting with Pride and then following up with the other sins. Getting rid of what he didn’t need and giving them parts of himself who is also likely a giant philosopher’s stone. I’m definitely looking forward to Hohenheim going up against Father at some point. After all now that he’s declared war it’s time to follow through.

It was also nice to see Rose back in a fairly reasonable role. Obviously she isn’t going to be playing anywhere near the same role she did in the first series. This was just another case of seeing a character that hasn’t been around for a really long time again. Seems she is moving forward pretty well considering all that has happened in her home. I think Hohenheim is a bit better with cheering people up than Ed is though. There are things we can’t do, but she is working hard and cheering up the people around which is an important thing.

I’m more worried about Al who isn’t looking good with losing consciousness and also being in pieces right now. Plus it seems one of their strays are traitors which means they will have to deal with a dangerous fight soon. I suppose it’s impressive that even one of those guys is actually a good person who wants to help. The other just wants to save his life though I doubt Envy cares.

Episode ended on a very key note though. Briggs is under attack and these are not good circumstances. Their leader isn’t around and they will have to deal with internal problems. To be fair they will put up a huge fight to stop Drachma. Even without their leader they are united and loyal to her. So there is a chance they can hold out. Either way the homunculi are getting what they want in terms of a major battle which means we are getting closer to the key moment. Besides Briggs it is clear Mustang’s men aren’t going to be stopped just because they are divided. Mustang may be different from Olivier in personality, but he still gets incredible loyalty from his men.

The start can’t be ignored though in terms of the research notes. They might have just found the key to fighting back and at the perfect time. If that circle is correct Ed and Al might just have found what they needed to strike back. All of this and Ed wasn’t in the episode at all. Hopefully they can get him to a doctor and soon.

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  1. Hohenheim is probably the second most powerful being alive after Father, although Pride is very formidable especially when his real body is a long distance away.

    The ending was trying to sell the battle, but as you can see, one of the sides is clearly more capable than the other lol.

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