To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 17

Tessou deals with a lack of energy and spends time with the other teachers.


I think this episode was pretty boring in comparison to some of the other ones we’ve gotten. Even the last little arc about Konori felt like it had more substance than this one. Here you had the adults repeating the same habits and some cameos from Index. Maybe the most important thing was that this hit home the timeline for the series and anyone who watched Index knows why we are unlikely to see Touma at all for the rest of Railgun. Which is a shame since that small fight between him and Mikoto was one of the better episodes.

There is no doubt that working for antiskill must suck. Are they all part-timers? It seems that most of them are teachers who are doing that work on top of their regular duties. That seems like a waste since you are going to wear them out. The main police force of the city is apparently part-timing just like Judgment. No wonder crime is rampant in that place when you have this kind of set-up. I’m more certain than ever that the city administrators want students fighting and committing crimes to help develop their abilities. I mean no one could seriously set something up in this kind of stupid fashion by accident.

Regarding the episode itself it wasn’t anything special. Just digging into the life of the teachers which seems to consist of nothing but working, bathing, drinking, and eating weird things. No wonder Tessou seemed so out of it. If I was doing nothing but that over and over again it’d get pretty frustrating. But yeah I’m sure Komoe just loves spending time with her students….It wasn’t bad to see the small teacher again though I have to wonder if eating that stuff explains why she is so small.

It was a nice little short story about Tessou and the kid who was playing those fighting games. She helped to give him a push towards doing what he wanted and he clearly plans on reviving that game series she liked eventually. But really an episode with minimal Mikoto kind of feels weak. Mikoto, Kuroko, Saten, and Uiharu really give the series life and with them being around for at most five minutes the episode felt long.

Anyways let’s hope the next episode has a bit more energy to it.

4 thoughts on “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 17”

  1. I wonder if Tessou was conscripted into joining Anti-Skill. If she was a volunteer, she should have realized that she wasn’t cut out to be a cop and let people who are a little less bumbling take the job.

    I’ve heard that Academy City has a few secret forces running things from the background, which is probably why the city hasn’t descended into chaos quite yet lol.

  2. Maybe Tessou thought it wouldn’t be so bad at first because if she reckoned she could contribute to the well-being of the students, she would sign up for it. She probably did well during the training but of course there are cases where people excel during drills but suck completely during real life scenarios due to the immense stress and pressure. Once Tessou got on the real job, she probably realized it’s not all what it seemed. If we look at it this way, it’s as though she’s been duped into signing up lol. If Tessou was conscripted then Antiskill must be having a severe shortage of capable candidates and are desperate enough to take in just about anyone. But… Why keep someone around if they’re a risk to the job, right? :p

  3. @TJ
    I have to wonder about how she got in. Maybe it was conscripted or a required part of the job. Perhaps the only reason Komoe isn’t in it is due to a discriminatory height policy, lol. But yeah it’s a bit weird. At any rate she should have figured out that work wasn’t for her and gotten out. Maybe that’s a hint at it being required since if you volunteer you should be able to get out again.

    Wow when you put it like that she really does seem like a sad figure. Probably got duped into thinking it’d be easy stuff like escorting kids home and enforcing curfew. Either way she definitely isn’t suited to that kind of thing. When you get held hostage after the original hostages have been released you should reconsider how you are spending your time. I’m starting to wonder if she is kept around for entertainment purposes. Whoever has to read the Anti-Skill reports (as sad as those must get) probably gets some laughs out of Tessou’s antics. Has to be some twisted people at the top.

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