Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 41

Ed faces off against Kimblee while Al continues to struggle against his soul being pulled.


Damn that was a pretty amazing episode. Ed really almost died in that one and paid a heavy price for his policy. You just can’t let your guard down around Kimblee if you plan on living very long. The man is just too dangerous and always has a plan. He went as far as to advertise his first philospher stone so Ed would drop his guard after getting rid of it. He may be down one philosopher stone, but the one he has should still be very useful for some time. At best Kimblee was only delayed and he’s gotten away with knowledge that is dangerous. He knows that Miles was out to get him and Ed did attack him. Sure he didn’t see Miles and Ed didn’t say anything. But if this gets back to the homunculi then it could be a very bad situation.

Anyways the key for this was Ed nearly dying in that kind of place. It was a shocking sight to see him with that pipe stuck in him. They certainly didn’t underplay the danger of that injury and how bad it was. Even with it sticking out in both sides the amount of blood Ed was losing was going to be fatal. It’s insane that he would try something like using his own life to heal the injury. The actual ability for someone to use his own body as a philosopher stone is just hard to imagine. The mental and physical strain on Ed had to be overwhelming. It’s amazing he pulled it off and survived. I’m with those guys that the main thing right now is to get Ed medical attention before he dies from the internal injuries. If they find the right person they can certainly make use of that extra philosopher stone.

Ok I’ve got to say it was pretty interesting to hear that Hoenheim was likely the one who introduced Eastern Alchemy to Xing. Maybe he did it to try and curb the development of the kind Father was spreading? Since he can control it the type must be abnormal. Perhaps he simply felt it was the right thing to do. Eastern Alchemy has proved very useful in healing and is unaffected by Father. Kind of interesting that they knew he was immortal and that affected their beliefs deeply.

Still one of the best moments was when Ed was about to unleash the ammonia. He had such an evil grin on his face that it was hilarious.

Of course besides Ed, Al is having some serious issues. It’s looking like he is running out of time. It could become a very bad situation very quickly. They have to get Al’s body back properly or it could turn into a disaster. Hopefully something can be done to give them a little more time.

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