Omamori Himari – First Impressions

Well certainly the kind of show you would expect from hearing the synopsis. Certainly a show that promises a lot of chaos with the harem that Yuto is putting together. Even with the first episode the guy already had two pieces in his harem. Though he’s more of the more reserved type of lead even though this will be a series with some action in it. Though I suppose a Demon Slayer without any powers can’t do much more than he has shown so far. At this point his strength will be his words and kind nature.


It’s a bit weird since you’d think the lead girl wouldn’t actually have a chance in this case. If Himari is a cat then getting anywhere near Yuto in her real form will be a mess. Hard to have many good moments if the guy is sneezing all the time. Though if she hides her nature completely it seems she is alright then. Well I suppose the allergy will be part of a series long joke. It certainly gives the other girls of which there will be more a chance to go for it. Though sadly Rinko has no hope since she loses to Himari in every possible way. The only thing she seems to have over Himari and Shizuku is that she is human. Well I’m not really sure if that’s an advantage, but it’s about all she has right now. Right now it’s a weird match against Himari and Shizuku. Pretty much opposites since Himari is the well endowed cat and Shizuku is the loli water ayakashi.

The action so far hasn’t been too crazy which is fine since it’s more harem than action in nature. While it’s nothing amazing to this point it’s been an alright series through the first couple episodes.

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