Ladies vs. Butlers – First Impressions

I have to say this show has gotten off to an interesting start. When you look at the synopsis and see the OP there isn’t much hope for more than a silly show here. Still there are a handful of characters that should make this series plenty of fun to watch.


I think the key to all of this is the lead guy. Akiharu isn’t an average lead in this kind of show. He’s far from a naive kind of lead who doesn’t have a clue and is intimidated by everyone around him. He’s a pretty solid and confident guy who will throw his thoughts back at someone if he disagrees with him. That’s clearest from his interactions with Sernia (aka Drill). When she gets on his case he doesn’t get overwhelmed and throws his own retorts back. Of course that doesn’t get her off his case, but it’s a nice shift from the type of lead that isn’t argumentative at all. Now another key force is his ‘childhood friend’ Tomomi. Now depending on your definition of it she might be a friend or a childhood bully. Either way it’s kind of scary how a strong lead like him is absolutely terrified of her. It’s probably to do with some mental trauma she inflicted. He bounced back fairly well from their first reunion though. She’s the type of character who will set events into motion and needs others to keep her entertained. A positive is that Akiharu isn’t completely intimidated and understands her personality. So while others might be fooled he has a good grasp that she is usually plotting something. Still I think they are friends, it’s a complicated kind of relationship I suppose.

Of course there have been some silly moments in the start of this series. The guy getting chased around the school is pretty cliche along with the clumsy maid who creates stupid fan service situations. Still overall this looks like it could be a fun show to just watch and smile at. Sometimes you don’t need anything too complicated in order to have fun. I’m looking forward to more arguments between Akiharu and the Drill all while Tomomi continues her somewhat frightening evil chuckling behind the scenes.

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