Sora no Woto – First Impressions

I really liked this show so far. Before starting the show all I knew was that it seemed like some mix up of K-On and Strike Witches, which after watching the first couple of episode did in fact seem to be true. However, the show stands by itself as well. It’s not just an awkward mix up between the two shows, its good on its own. It just happens to have those elements in it.

I am curious as to what kind of, if any, overall plot elements the show will have. Right now it seems unclear of whether or not they will just have random episodic episodes dealing with things around the base or town, or if after a couple of those they will actually deal with fighting something off, given the military setting. Although from the fun characters and so far laid back episode sit seems like a how without a bigger picture plot, at the same time the setting does lend itself to a lot of possibility of some kind of attack near the end they fight off, somewhere where Kana plays her trumpet and kind of saves the day by a morale boost or letting someone know something via her signal. Whatever it could be, there are a lot of possibilities, I just hope they have a good mix of the two elements. Right now I love the laid back type focus of the episodes dealing with just the characters. They have some great character personalities and chemistry that I hope they don’t forsake for some bigger story that isn’t very interesting.

The show definitely has a kind of “moe’ification” aspect to it, similar to K-On with the character designs, faces, and expressions. With what they’ve shown so far I think it works out nicely. While some may dismiss at as a gimmick to just get people to watch, I think with what they’ve shown far, the character personalities and the way they interact, I think it fits rather nicely. Even without it I think the show is strong enough to stand on its own. Still, it is very K-On like with the expression, but that’s not a bad thing for this show in my opinion.

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