Seitokai no Ichizon – Final Impressions

I am pretty much in utter shock at how awesome this show was and how much I liked it. I almost decided not to watch it at all when the season began. I saw the description as just some show bout a student council talking about issues…While, that may TECHNICALLY be true, and in another way it couldn’t be further from the truth. I figured it would be some kind of slice of life show dealing with issues of students, but wow, it most certainly wasn’t and I’m glad for that.

This really was one of the best comedy shows I’ve seen. Some shows like Lucky Star get popularity because it was kind of different comedy at the time and had some fun characters, talked about quirky things, some shows like Minami-ke had great character chemistry and rode off that. However, this seemed different. On one hand it was kind of over the top, sometimes slapstick like comedy which usually turns out bad. However they seemed to make it work here. They didn’t try and hide this aspect of the show; they embraced it, which made it so much better. The main character stating how he wants a harem, making the character quirks over the top to drive the emphasis, it worked. Although they continually showed it, things like showing how Mafuya was obsessed with video games was a great part. Sure, we already knew that fact when they showed something with her the umpteenth time, but it didn’t seem stale, because of the characters and the context it just worked, and I thought it was hilarious.

I also have to mention the parodies. They were a huge part of the comedy of the show. I honestly have not seen a show have this many parodies in it. Sure shows like Hayate no Gotoku had a lot originally, but eventually that died off and compared to this show they were few and far between. It seemed like half the time, when this show wasn’t making jokes about how perverted the main character was or how much he wanted a harem, it was a parody, and that was it. It made for a lot of great comedy I thought. Sometimes they weren’t so clear, sometime they were latently obvious. However because they had so many of them I think it made it all the better. If they only had a couple it would have seemed forced, like they were just trying to use other shows popularity. However it seemed like it was a genuine part of the show to have these parodies, and it made it fit better and just be funnier.

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  1. I’d say this was one of my favourites from the last season. It certainly was a show that made you uncertain when hearing the synopsis for it. While technically it wasn’t inaccurate it definitely didn’t prepare you for how good this series actually turned out to be.

    They had a great core of characters who were all really likable in their own way. Most times you might only have a couple that you really like, but pretty much the whole student council was likable and had their pros. There is no doubt that Ken made this whole series work and was the core of it. He starts off with what seems like a silly desire to have a harem. But by the end of the show they actually made that something you could understand and almost support outright. Mafuyu was great right to the end with her gaming obsession though I shared Ken’s feelings about the BL. Minatsu was a strong character who’s dream was one we could all hope get fulfilled. Chizuru and the President were both fun to watch especially with Chizuru’s mind control.

    The strength here was that they balanced the jokes with serious moments. It wasn’t just some melodrama series nor was it complete comedy. They made you laugh, but also made you care about the characters and what they had gone through. The slow reveal of Ken’s background was well done and made you feel for everything he went through to get to that point. I normally hate harems since one girl is the obvious winner and the others are just lining up to get hurt. In this case a kind of harem almost makes sense since they all have strong bonds with each other and Ken is the type that wants to make them all happy in part because they all saved him.

    Definitely a show you have to experience to really appreciate. The whole thing was far greater than you would think from looking at the small parts.

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