To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 16

Konori’s past is revealed and Anti-Skill makes its move against Big Spider.


This was a good way to wrap up the Big Spider situation. It gave Konori some more depth and background. Goes to show people can have pasts that you might not expect. Of course don’t think it was wrong for Konori to be part of Big Spider when it was just a group of friends goofing around. Sure they were all level 0’s and she was hiding her ability, but it wasn’t some evil gang bent on destroying all espers. Obviously the group really fell apart over the last couple years. Though I guess hiding things just so you can fit in might not be the best thing to do long term. In the end it helped give her a boost and she could apply that feeling of belonging to when she joined Judgment. Having someone like Kurozuma around let her become a good senpai later.

Besides the whole Big Spider past gave her a love interest. Though it seems the whole thing had Mikoto mystified. You know things will be fine between those two when they can laugh about Konori’s chest growing over the years. Unfortunately for Mikoto and Kuroko who get hit hard by that kind of thing. I’m sure things will work out fine after Kurozuma gets out of jail. Considering he was beating up thugs who were assaulting kids I don’t think he’ll be punished that badly.

At least things were explained in regards to Kurozuma. Goes to save a friend and ends up in a hospital afterwards. Only just got back and finds that the simple group he put together has turned into something he can’t allow to exist. Hebitani is just a pathetic figure. Probably thinks he got his friend killed and then tries to pull everything together. But he’s just not strong enough and so has to take his friend’s name and then turns it into a violent armed group of thugs.

Maybe one of the more interesting things was in regards to Capacity Down. Obviously a group like Big Spider didn’t make such a thing. Seems someone gave it to them and it might have been for testing. Not sure if the city was responsible or if it was an organization outside. Still Academy City really can’t test something so Anti-Esper when they are supposed to be developing abilities. They could ship this to a thug group like Big Spider and see the effects on various espers. Or maybe just someone outside the city worried about espers sent that in to see if it’s viable as a counter measure.

Regardless the violence of Big Spider got the plug pulled on them. At least Anti-Skill proved they can beat up level 0 thugs perfectly well. Riot shields work fine when the most your enemy has is low level firearms.

Guess this shows Mikoto still has some growing to do. Seems the romantic part of this equation was just over her head. She couldn’t get that Konori’s feelings for Kurozuma wouldn’t change no matter what she was doing. Being part of the group or part of Judgment doesn’t change that personal feeling. I guess when you get into your head a certain image of someone differences will really surprise you.

Anyways this was not a bad little adventure. It helped develop a side character and add some depth to Academy City.

2 thoughts on “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 16”

  1. Looks like Mikoto and Kuroko will have to drink more of that Musashino Milk if they want to grow lol.

    This episode was better than I thought. The way they used Konori’s bad-girl experience to give Mikoto a life lesson was actually not bad.

  2. Konori’s background story was done well in emphasizing several themes, especially the main one about “belonging to a home”, and it made the episode decent overall. However, there are some issues which did bother me and one of them is regarding Hebitani. He seemed like a different person when he was in Kurozuma’s old group compared to the thug he has become now. I would have liked it if they briefly showed how he changed over time and what caused him to change because I got the impression that he underwent a rather drastic one based on his personality. But oh well, he is a trivial character after all and not to mention pathetic. Guess we can let that part slip.

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