Ookami Kakushi – 01

Hiroshi moves to his new home and meets some strange people.


Well as you might have guessed this is one of the series I decided to go with for the winter season. This was an interesting start with some solid personalities. Hiroshi is a reasonable guy though does seem the type that can be pushed around a little bit. Though I guess anyone starting in a class like that might be a bit overwhelmed. The personalities from the people there are pretty strong to put it nicely. Isuzu is one of those people with pretty active personalities. Considering the first thing she did upon seeing Hiroshi was to tackle him with a hug. She’s pretty aggressive in that way, but she doesn’t seem like a bad person. The first part of the episode shows something weird is going on. But for now I’ll just judge Isuzu as a nice enough person, just pretty focused on Hiroshi.

It’s a pretty strange place in general. The focus on the Hassaku makes you wonder if it’s got something to do with why some of the people are a little odd. The whole glowing red eyes thing and the girl with the scythe makes it clear something is going on. Plus you have that old side that has me wondering if there is some kind of isolation or separation of the population going on. Anyways a lot of questions and few answers there.

I feel for Mana since she clearly wants to feel independent and not babied because of her condition. At the same time it is kind of hard thanks to the lack of ramps at the apartment. She does seem to like her brother quite a bit and is bothered some by Isuzu’s presence. Although she seemed fine to tease Hiroshi about it earlier.

With this just being the start we’ll have to see what’s going to happen here.

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