Ookami Kakushi – 03

Issei becomes aggressive with Hiroshi after his visit to the hospital.


Well this will be an episode that should leave some people feeling a little uncomfortable. Issei was definitely scaring Hiroshi more than Isuzu ever could. He’d been acting pretty odd and when he waited for Hiroshi outside you knew something was going to happen. Falling into that stream was a terrible thing for Hiroshi that’s for sure. I mean he gets a cold and then Issei gets his own personal Hiroshi clothing item to sniff. It’s a good thing that Hiroshi kicked and that hassaku scent filled up the whole car. Otherwise this could have turned into an even weirder anime.

On a lighter note I guess this means if Hiroshi had responded to Isuzu’s forwardness a bit more then nothing would have happened. But really you have to appreciate Isuzu’s difference from many others that have gone after Hiroshi. Her brother has just gone over the line, but the classmates have been pretty aggressive. It’s not that Isuzu hasn’t been forward, but it seems more emotional than the almost animalistic way the others have gone at it. Anyways this was an episode with some fanservice. Nothing wrong with some swimsuit shots since they didn’t take away from what happened in this episode.

This might have given a more realistic look at the difficulties for people who have had to deal with that kind of Issei encounter. I mean the guy is pretty likable and friendly. Mana adores the guy and Hiroshi’s father likes him too. It’d be tough to come out and say such a well liked person came at him like that. Plus I doubt subtle hints to Mana to keep her distance will be seen as anything more than jealousy of how accomplished Issei is. Let’s just hope that medicine helps out.

Speaking of that this episode really gave us a lot of hints in that area. It seems like the hassaku are acting like some kind of inhibitor for the people living there. Nemuru’s uncle mentioned the shortage being a problem and Hiroshi’s arrival being poorly timed. You can’t always judge medicine by colour, but still the yellow pills that Issei got might hint at something. Maybe all the hassaku are being used to medicate the people there and keep them docile. Makes me wonder what the blood sample of Hiroshi’s is for?

All of this really does make you wonder what’s going on. The actions of some people there seem animalistic. Maybe the wolves living in that area took on human form at some point? New people might be able to fit into the community in time, but some like Hiroshi might be too tempting. Plus the lack of hassaku this year could mean why so many are losing control. Of course it’s all just speculation at this point in time. I’m getting more interested in the series as things continue developing.

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