Ookami Kakushi – 02

Isuzu has a conflict with Nemuru as the festival approaches.


I think this was a good episode for moving things along. I’ve started to warm up to Isuzu with being a bit uncertain about her at the start. Sure she is pretty forward, but you can see some genuine feelings there. When they were alone you could see she wanted to be closer, but was having trouble figuring out the right approach to take. If Hiroshi really disliked her or was terrified of her I might have an issue. But you could see with that flashback he is building some feelings toward her as well. He might be a bit overwhelmed at times, but that’s understandable. With that argument Isuzu had earlier in the episode it seems like she is determined to protect Hiroshi. With just that it shows she has a different objective than some of the other students seem to.

On that note something is pretty weird there. I’d go with the Scythe girl’s words about the one woman being a fallen wolf. Maybe these people are supernatural to an extent and when they lose control they are taken out. Though it still makes you wonder why Hiroshi is such an exception. Kaname is an outsider and she doesn’t seem to have the same problem. Not sure about Mana since we haven’t seen her school life. It could just be Hiroshi is somehow unsettling things and pushing people over the edge. If that’s the case it would make sense that Nemuru would find him annoying. She seems to have a seriously important role and is feared by the students.

Still a lot of questions like that man who we’ve seen the last couple episodes. Seems his fiancé or someone like that was killed and he’s searching for answers. I’m sure we’ll find out more about him as the festival is approaching.

There is a lot of interesting things going on in this series. That legend should be crucial in figuring out just what is going on there.

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