Inuyasha – Final Act – 15

Sesshomaru uses a fragment of Kanna’s mirror to fight Inuyasha


This episode was…alright. It had a lot of content in it, so there wasn’t a problem there, but there was something else. It almost seems as if they just keep making up random stuff about how these blades work. “oh, in this situation, so and so happens if you do blah blah blah” It’s like they are just making stuff up for whatever fits the situation, which makes it really confusing as to what the blades really actually do and how they work. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it quite cool what Inuyasha’s blade can do right now, it just seems like it would mean more if they didn’t just say that this sword can effectively do whatever they need it to at the time. It’s almost to a point where it’s too powerful now. While on one hand it seems like it’s an instant kill, swipe it, suck up whomever into death, and be done, it’s too powerful to be true. I’m quite sure that the final fight wouldn’t be very good if Inuyasha just walked up, swung his sword, sucked up Naraku into the Underworld and they were done. I’m sure it will pretty much not work, which almost defeats the point in having the power up in the first place.
It seems like they are just making up crap for Sesshomaru too. I had thought before this episode that it would be kind of odd if the swords were to merge, because then Sesshomaru would have nothing to do. That happened and yet still they seem to just throw in, “Oh, btw, Seshomaru’s going to get another weapon anyways” Why make a big deal out of giving up the weapon if it doesn’t matter? I’m still not sure what they are going to do with him, but I just wish they would stop randomly making stuff up. Other than that, the episode was interesting, just confusing and all over the place.

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