Inuyasha – Final Act – 13

Sesshomaru confronts an old enemy of his fathers to learn about the secrets to his sword.


I thought this episode was pretty interesting. While on one hand it was kind of following Sesshomaru’s whole bit to get a more powerful sword, I’m glad they actually included Inuyasha in it. Not that I don’t like Sesshomaru’s development, I think it just adds much more when they have something else. There’s still effectively the story about the dynamic between the two brothers. It seems obvious that they need to be together to be at full potential, they wouldn’t just throw that in to not sue it so I’m sure in the final fight they won’t be able to do anything alone and then will team up and, well, do something.

I am curious as to whether or not this is the whole “final stage” of Tessaiga that was mentioned. Back when Inuyasha got his sword fixed the guy mentioned to himself when they left how there was still some other stage. Now, this seemed like it wasn’t quite a big enough event that would really point itself to being an actual stage of Tessaiga. Tessagia’s final stage could be getting some kind of ability like this, but it seemed like this episode wasn’t really the one that did it. I didn’t get the impression anything permanently happened to either sword. They do show in the OP however Inuyasha’s sword glowing back with a kind of celestial pattern to it which I assume is the final stage. It’s very similar to this big super technique, so I’m just curious how much of that will be the case, or if it will be something completely different. I can’t help thinking though, every time I see the picture of Inuyasha’s father’s corpse, why don’t’ they just go and pull out the other fang? It would solve a lot of problems…He’s not suing it anymore…

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