Inuyasha – Final Act – 12

When Sango breaks her Hirakaitsu, they must go to a poison master to fix it.


I was quite impressed with this episode. Although for the most part it didn’t really have any major plot elements that got developed, it was still interesting enough. Although fixing Sango’s weapon is somewhat of a big deal, they broke it in the same episode so that part was mostly contained and not rally the most interesting part of the episode. I thought the development between Sango and Miroku was the most interesting. There was obviously always this thing between them but I figured it would only be something they really addressed at the very end. While they still haven’t finished it, there’s obviously more to go, it was still good to see them not leave absolutely everything to the end. It did seem that there was actually something between them more that something superficial. They were effectively both ready to die for each other, and I think that was great to see for their characters.

It does seem that Miroku is not really stopping with the whole I’m willing to die in order to fight, which is always interesting. I’m just wondering how they really handle it. It’s rather obvious that he won’t actually die, so how they still show him willing to make that sacrifice will be interesting. Hopefully it will be linked back to Sango again, because showing that even as a result of his feelings would even further develop what’s going on between them.

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