Dance in the Vampire Bund – 01

The Vampire Princess reveals the existence of vampires to the world.


This episode was quite odd, which is pretty much exactly what I would expect from a Shaft show. However it is odd in a, so far, good way. It’s quite interesting and does look to be something fairly unique, which is always fun to watch. The episode did have a bit of the regular Shaft type animation of interesting shots which is what I really like, however it didn’t have a lot. I do hope that future episodes have more, because that’s one of the things that interests me in watching these Shaft shows like ef and Bakemonogatari. Of course, I do suppose it was hard to show a lot of that this episode when a good half of the show was supposed to be emulating a TV show, so it does seem like it will have the interesting animation.

I am curious as to what this show will really be about. I mean, obviously it will deal with vampires, but in what capacity. It seems as if the Vampire Bund will be effectively a vampire home that is known to the public. Now either that will translate into some kind of story about regular society dealing with vampires, or it would be something else like fights and feuds between families of vampires. I’m curious to see how it will go, as so far it has a lot of potential.

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